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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hannah is 4 Months Pregnant!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Things About Me

I thought I would write one post just about me.

What are my favorite colors? That is a very hard question for me because I like so many colors. Pinks, Blue, Purples. But I like almost any color used in the right context. I like color and don't like bland. Going into a room that is beige walls, beige carpet, beige upholstery and beige accessories is irritating to me. If you have beige walls, at least punch it up with some colors in accessories or furniture. Martha Stewart has gone monochrome in her decorating lately. For instance a green room. Although that is color, she has green walls, green trim, green upholstery, green accessories and green window treatments. I don't much like that trend.

What is the homemaking task I wish I never ever had to do again? Cleaning the bathroom. I don't mind the sinks but the bathtub is hard on me and the toilet is yucky. Face it, when you are cleaning the bathtub you are almost on your head and scrubbing that back wall is the hardest. I try to make the bathtub easier to clean by using those sprayers. After you shower or bathe, you press a button and it sprays down the bathtub. If you don't want to go to the expense of these, then spritz your bathtub/shower down with your regular cleaner. Wait a couple of minutes and then rinse. This does help keep the bathtub/shower cleaner and makes for less scrubbing during the weekly clean.

What is my favorite TV shows? I like Ghost Hunters, Memphis Beat, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community, Parks and Recreations, Young & Restless, Bold & Beautiful, and I like the reality mystery and forensic shows like 48 Hours, Extreme Forensics, Justice, etc

What's the greatest lesson I've learned in the past year? That I'm not important to many people but I am important to God. I know I'm loved but, face it, if I died tomorrow the world would still continue just fine without me. One day I will just be a forgotten tombstone somewhere. But God knows every hair on my head, knows me every thought and loves me so much He allowed His Son to die for me just so I could live with God in Heaven for eternity.

Who has made a difference in my life? There are so many! My husband! I was blessed by being born into a family, including my extended family, who are good people and who are very loving. My Mom and Dad are, and were, wonderful parents and are my role models. I love them dearly. My Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles were big in my life and are wonderful examples. I had 2 pastors that were important. One led a little 8 year old girl to salvation and baptized me and another one that taught Stan and I so much. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been spiritual mentors. I have a good friend that was big in my life and I learned a lot from her. And I can't imagine life without my bestfriends and sisters, Elaine and Melinda. And all my nieces and nephews and my little grandnephew have brought out the mothering in me and I love them.

What brings you the most pleasure? Good food, reading a good book, salty snacks, shopping and getting bargains (I love thrift stores and yard sales), spending time with my Mom, Dad and sisters shopping, finding a missing link with my genealogy projects, doing a good scrapbook page, photography.

What is something I'm passionate about? God. Worship and praise is my way of communing with my God and I try to worship and praise with everything in me. I'm also passionate about dog rescue.

What are my favorite foods? I like good food. Good Mexican, good Italian, good steak, good anything! I love anything from pinto beans with fresh minced onions on top to perfectly ripened watermelon slices, salty popcorn and potato chips to collard greens and fresh salad. I love a good noodle bowl and fresh salsa, guacamole and chips. So I can't really pick just one thing.

What are my weaknesses? Stress. My nerves. Depression. I can be really nervous and can't handle stress at all. I fight depression a lot. It just seems to be my natural reaction to stress. I get nervous and depressed. But God has taught me a lot. I've learned how to fight back and Stan has learned how to help me when he sees me starting to get nervous.

If you could have a chef or a maid which would you choose and why? A maid. I like to cook myself. And while we are at it, what other services would I pay for if I had the money? A gardener so Stan wouldn't have to work so hard on the yard. A bookkeeper and a chauffeur. If I was wealthy, those would be my "hired help".

Last thought before you go to sleep and first thought when you wake up? Usually thanking God. I love God.

What do I think is my best physical feature? My eyes. I also like my feet and my teeth.

If I could travel and could afford to go anywhere, where would I go? I love history and would love to do all the Civil War battle sites in Virginia. I would love to go to Hawaii. Would love to travel all over the USA. I wouldn't mind visiting England/Ireland/Scotland and Australia. Not much interested in visiting any other countries.

Music or TV? I'm a TV person

What kind of music do I like? Praise and worship music, light classical, different stuff. I don't like hard rock, hard core country, folk. I'm nostalgic about 1970's music since it was my teen years.

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