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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mom, Dad and I Went To See Brett Robert

Mom, Dad and I went for the day to see Jenny and Brett. Unfortunately, Kyle had to work and we were leaving about the time he came home. But I got some of the best pictures of little Brett. By the way, Kyle got the recruiters job. He leaves for training at Lackland AFB in Texas on 4/19/2010. He will be gone for 6 weeks. Jenny's going to keep the house so we can all go visit her while he's gone and she can come home when we aren't down there pestering her! When he gets back they will be preparing to move to Peru, Illinois where he is suppose to be for 4 years. Fortunately for them, it's close to his family but it's 14 hours away from our family! I can't stand the thought of that! None of us can! Mom's afraid Brett will never see her and Daddy again because of their age. Luke is on again and off again about whether or not he will be leaving for overseas duty. All the stars have to line up for him one way or the other before he will know for sure. So I guess we won't know until closer to May. If he goes, we are moving Hannah into the guest suite (where Jenny lived last year) so she can be home with her family and ours (Sptbg is her home town). I don't look forward to Luke being overseas but I do look forward to having Hannah with us. She's such a doll!

When little Brett Robert first saw me, he acted shy and hid behind the curtain, but he would peep out and grin so he wasn't really shy.

He has his Great Great Uncle Glenn Reese's smile! All teeth!

His Grandmother, Grommie Elaine, sent him an Easter basket. So here he is seeing it. I think Jenny was hoping for a chocolate bunny rabbit that she could sneak and eat! LOL!

Here he is getting all the peeps out of the basket.

Within minutes, he is running around throwing them up in the air! He tried to taste them but he didn't like the grit of the sugar so he just enjoyed tossing them around.

OK, through with the peeps, it's now time to eat a chicken nugget and some gold fish. Here he is with his little plate.

But nothing stays in the plate for long. Choxie is such a good nanny dog! She did not attempt to eat anything out of his hands or off the floor until Jenny told her she could. So he ate and played with his food and when he was through, Jenny called Choxie over and told her she could eat now. Choxie carefully looked at Jenny and Jenny repeated it and Choxie was good to go. She cleaned up the leftover gold fish and half eaten chicken nuggets. Man, Little Miss MoneyPenny would have knocked Brett over, stood on his chest and grabbed the chicken nugget out of his very mouth! And Choxie always keeps an eye on Brett and is careful around him. She will want to play with me and almost knock me over with her exuberance but she doesn't do that with him. She's very careful around him. I've always heard Labrador Retrievers were good with kids and I believe it now. She's just a wonderful and beautiful dog!

Kyle bought Brett's madras shorts, shirt and flip flops! It's so cute! Stan and I almost got Brett some at Sam's the other day.

No more bottles, he's in sippy cups now!

He loves cell phones. Here is his.

And here he is answering his cell phone!

Jenny and I took him to the base park. Notice the plushy rubber mats under the equipment. A child can hardly get hurt on this playground. What a far cry from the playgrounds at our schools. The more children, the more hard packed the earth got so it was like playing on concrete. And all you had were a long hot metal slide, some swings, a spinner, monkey bars, and see saws. Almost all of that was dangerous. You learned how to avoid pinched fingers, dizziness and vomiting, busted chins, bruised and skinned knees and bare legged burns the hard way!

He was fascinated with the big basketball.

Jenny is in great shape!

On to the slides!

The little daredevil wanted to go down the big slide!

Mom & Dad, Jenny, Brett and I went to Jim and Nick's BBQ in N. Charleston. It was very good food! Dad had a half rack of ribs and it was too much for HIM to eat (he took some home). I had the catfish and it was excellent and I had to bring the 2nd fillet home. Mom and Jenny had fried chicken cut up on a big salad. Brett shared Jenny's salad. I recommend this restaurant. I even accidentally left my camera bag with my expensive cameras, lenses, etc under the table. We got back to the base and I realized it (thank God before we left the area) and she called and they had found it and locked it in the office. We turned around and went straight back and got it. The waiter was Paul and he was great. He kept up with us and brought Brett a balloon which helped him last until we got everything paid and back in the car.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chesnee Fleamarket

The last two Thursday mornings, Elaine, Dad, and I went to the Chesnee Flea Market to look for bargains, especially plants. It's a real old timey fleamarket. We got there about 8:00am and it was cool. The old-timers had built fires in home made stoves. We really enjoyed it.

I thought the bumper sticker on this car was pretty funny. I happen to be thankful to have many Biblical translations to study from and the King James Bible is a translation itself. But as long as they read the Bible I don't care what translation they use! God bless them!

Elaine and Dad looking at some produce.

This woman has a snake wrapped around her! This was as close to her as I got.

Old tires anyone?

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