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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talent Tuesday - Photography

Talented Tuesday is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites. Got ancestors who had a special talent? Be it musical, comical, or any manner of skill, post at your genealogy blog through words and pictures.

My family, on the Reese side, have had cameras since the first camera for the public was sold! My Granddaddy had what I think was a Brownie when he was newly married and we have lots of photographs of his family. Then both his sons, Glenn and James Reese, got cameras when they were young teenagers and have always photographed and videotaped and audiotaped the family. They even developed their own photos when they were young. My parents took lots of photos and my sisters and I all have the latest in digital cameras and video cameras. I seem to have a camera permanently attached to my eye!

Here I am with my toy camera on our visit to Tweetsie Railroad!

Here are a few of my photos:

Here are a few of my sister, Melinda's, photos:

Here are a few of my sister, Elaine's photos:

Here are some that my Dad took of us:

Here is one that shows my Uncle Glenn's shadow as he took the photo of my parents with me in front of their trailer:

Here are some photos taken by my maternal Grandfather of his family:



All 4 of his children

Here are a few taken by my Uncle James who travelled the world in his day:

Okinawa 1972

Japanese Alps 1970's

NC 1970's

Western Europe

French Broad River 1970's


And here is a family photo that features Uncle James and his camera and Uncle Glenn beside him (my Dad was taking the photo):

This is just a sampling of the tens of thousands of photos in this family for the few generations since we have had cameras! My Uncles have been having their old ones digitalized. I wish I could afford to do that for my Dad's photos and all of my early photos. I've done little bits at a time by scanning them in as I use them for scrapbooking. But there are many more.

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