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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Our Road Trip To Chicago Took Us Through The Blue Ridge Mountains At Leaf Change

Here are the photos I shot from the truck as we went up I26 and I40 on our way to Chicago. The leaves were probably on their last legs and will be gone by next weekend. But I got some gorgeous photos from the truck. I made a picnic and we stopped in TN at the Cove Lake State Park and I got some great shots there too. I will have to add them later though as I have so many photos to go through. By the time we got to Kentucky, most of the leaves were gone so this photos are mainly from western NC and Tennessee. I started taking them around Hendersonville, NC, past Asheville onto I40 up to Knoxville and beyond.

From this photo you can tell why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachian Mountain Range and aka the Smoky Mountains). The mountains always show blue in the distance.

Going through the mountains they had to slice through rock and it's the type of rock that breaks up and slides so you can see how dangerous a rock slide could be on I40. They try to put fences and walls to keep the rocks off the highway but a couple of years ago they had a major rock slide on I40 that re-routed traffic for months and months.

Here is where we think that major rock slide occurred because the rock looks fresh with no vegetation.

Cove Lake State Park, TN

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