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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storing China, Crystal and Silver

I love dishes! I have sets of china for all the seasons in a year: Winter, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall and then some. I have crystal and silver too. I have 4 large china cabinets and a buffet in my dining room and they are all full. So I have plenty of display for my collection. But if you need to store china (vs. display) then you want to store it carefully.

If you stack china then put something between each piece so nothing gets scratched. I use coffee filters. You could also use paper plates, paper doilies, etc.

You can use special china storage containers like these that I found at Organize.com.

For silver you can store them in these silver cloth bags.

For more information about silver, silver storage and cleaning check out my post on Stainless and Silver Flatware.

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