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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Luke And Stan Installing His New Mufflers

Luke And Stan Installing Luke's New Mufflers

Luke had time on his hands while he was in Iraq and he planned on upgrading his truck. He wants to fancify it! So he ordered his parts and they were shipped to his parent's house. As soon as he was home from Iraq, he and Hannah came up to spend a week and he started working on his truck. He replaced the front bumper. But the biggest thing he did was to add some new pipe mufflers. He had ordered the chrome pipes but he ended up not using them after all. He and his Uncle Stan designed what he needed and then went to a friend of Stan's shop to fabricate and weld them. They got them all installed. Luke and Stan love doing stuff like this together. Our other nephew, Evans, is also good at working on machines and cars. I bet Evans will want something like this on his truck too!

I used digital papers for the background and a digital frame for the journaling. I used some Adobe Photoshop brushes to add the smoke. I used a checkerboard border and the metal "You Did It" charm. All of these from my digital scrapbooking supplies.

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