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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shoe Storage

I'm not a shoe collector but I do have a good many pairs of shoes. I have my winter set and my summer set. I use cheap clear plastic boxes to store my shoes. I have a book case that I bought at a thrift store. I put it in my closet and this is where I keep the current season's shoes. The out of season shoes are stored on my upper closet shelf. But I did a Google search and found some great ideas for storing shoes. I tried to find ideas from cheap to expensive to give everyone some ideas on storing your shoes.

I hope these give you ideas. But remember, it does no good to have shoe storage if you don't use it. When you take your shoes off, put them away. Don't just kick them off and leave them in the floor.

I have a pair of house shoes. These are comfortable shoes that I wear around the house and can wear out to the mailbox or to turn the sprinkler on. But these are NOT the shoes I wear when I go out in public. My house shoes sit on my walk in closet floor. When I come in, I go to my closet and change into my house shoes and put my shoes away. Having my shoes in shoe boxes keeps them from getting dusty.

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