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Thursday, August 05, 2010

College Dorms

College dorms are notorious for being small rooms with 2 or more teenagers trying to live. Teens today go to college thinking they have to have all the conveniences of home. They think they need all of their clothes and shoes, plus a full kitchen and all their electronics. But with one small closet, 1 desk and a twin bed, it gets hard to stuff all their belongings into their assigned areas.

Try to explain to your Freshman that they don't need as much as they think they do. 4-5 pairs of shoes is more than enough, they only need their winter clothes, they only need one coat, etc. Try to get them to strip down their wardrobe. Also remind them that there are common areas. Everything doesn't have to go on in their dorm room. They can treat the cafeteria as their kitchen/dining room. They can treat the TV room/living room/lobby as their den where they watch TV and gather with their friends. They can treat the library as their study area. The dorm room can basically be their sleeping and storage area. It doesn't have to be their all-in-all.

An mp3 player can take the place of a stereo. A Laptop can take the place of a desk top computer. A flat screen 19" TV is more than enough in a dorm room. These take up less space, they have a smaller "footprint".

Have them coordinate with their dorm mate on decorating and sharing appliances. For instance one can bring a small refrigerator while the other brings a small microwave. One can bring the area rug and the other can bring the curtains. One can bring an iron and the other can bring the ironing board.

Think how best to organize in small spaces. Think vertically. Can you use underbed storage? Cubbies? Plastic drawers? Hangers that hold 4 prs of pants vs. 1 pr? Get them a basket for their shower supplies that they can carry. Another basket for a girl's makeup. Make everything do double duty. Stretch your imagination to come up with ways to make that small space work.

You may not be able to paint the walls but you can add color in the bedding, curtains, accessories.

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