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Sunday, July 25, 2010

How To Store Potatoes And Onions

Potatoes and onions need to be stored separately and in a cool, dark place with plenty of air ciculation. They should not be stored together as the onions can put off a gas that affects the potatoes.

I did a look on the Internet for ideas on how to store potatoes and onions. A lot are baskets. I have used baskets in the past and there was a problem. When a potato or onion goes bad, it's really hard to clean a basket. A rotten potato really stinks and you have to be able to clean up the container. Wood and baskets are a little hard to clean. It will discolor them both too. If you use your root vegetables quickly then you won't have that problem. Root vegetables leave dirt and onion skins which can filter through a basket. I only buy a 5 lb bag of potatoes or a small bag of onions at a time but there is just the 2 of us. Here are the ideas I found.

These wooden boxes should have pegboard backs for air circulation.

I like the idea of getting the oldest potatoes (on the bottom) out first.

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