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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Do You Store Your Light Bulbs?

For some reason it seems we have lots of different light bulbs. I always keep spares or backups for all the different kinds of bulbs. Here is a list of the different lightbulbs I keep:
Regular 40, 60, 75, 100 watt bulbs
Energy saving 60 and 75 watt bulbs
Flourescent tubes for overhead, under counter and desk lamps
Halogens for indoor spots, outdoor spots, and the pendant lights (it seems that everything needs a different type halogen and they are expensive)
Candelabra bulbs for the chandeliers
Flood lights
Oven and Refrigerator bulbs
Nightlight bulbs

It is confusing and needs a little organization. Organizing your light bulbs or storing your light bulbs takes a little thought. What I've done for years is to have a large plastic storage box with lid. I keep the bulbs in their original packaging in this box. This holds all but the long flourescent tubes. But I did a Google search and found a couple of more ideas.

If the drink carton is too deep for your bulbs, then scrunch up some tissue paper for the bottom of the carton.

I would also suggest thinking "outside the box". It makes sense to me to keep my bulb box in the laundry room. To you it may make sense to store them in the garage, basement, pantry, utility closet/room. But if that's not working for you, think outside the box. How about a blanket chest? The large ottoman with storage? A drawer in your chest of drawers? A vintage suitcase? Over the door shoe hanger with the pockets? Christmas ornament boxes?

I like to corral all my bulbs together in one place. But maybe you would rather keep bulbs close to where they are used. For instance, keeping the bulbs for your office desklamps and overheads in an office drawer, a backup bulb for your bedside lamp in the bedside table drawer, vanity light bulb in the bathroom drawer. I have to let you decide which way works for you.

I have some more tips. You want to protect your bulbs so don't just toss the bulbs all together in a box. They can break if they are banging against each other. You need something separating them. I use the original packaging. Some nestle their bulbs on cut up egg crate foam. Egg cartons for small bulbs. Cupcake papers. For special bulbs I will keep them together and label them. For instance, I put all the halogen bulbs for the undercounter lights in a plastic sandwich bag and label it. Sometimes I snip the bulb packaging and keep it in the plastic bag so I'll know the product # when it comes time to purchase again. When you use the last of that type bulb, put it on your shopping list so you always have a backup. It might be helpful to make a complete list of all your different light bulbs with their product #, where you purchase them and where you use them. Keep this list in your household information. For example:
* Halogen Bi-Pin Base Reflector, 20 watt, Part #JCR-9323P, Purchased at Lowe's, Use in recessed ceiling lights in living room

Now go sort, organize and store your light bulbs!

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