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Friday, June 11, 2010

No Closets?

Older homes don't usually have closets. Back in the old days we didn't have such extensive wardrobes. Work clothes, school clothes, Sunday-Go-To-Meeting clothes and 2 pairs of shoes were a normal wardrobe. Today we spend so much money on clothes, shoes and accessories that we need walk-in closets and some have a closet the size of another room in the house! Never in their wildest dreams did our ancestors think we would need closets to the extent we expect now in modern homes. Before I go on, you need to examine your clothes inventory and those of your family. Do you really need as much as you have? Do you really need to spend that much money? Do you value and care for what you have or do you and your family treat your clothes as disposable items? Do you toss them on the floor, lose them at school, leave them in your car, toss them into the back of the closet without even removing price tags, do you get your wear out of them? Just imagine that you spend $5 each and now count how many pieces of clothes are in your closet and multiply by $5... That is just a small percentage of the money you spent on what is in your closet. It's a little scary!

But, back to the problem of not having a closet. What can you do? If you have a small unused bedroom, then you might use it for a closet. If you have a large enough bedroom, you could section off part of the room with floor to ceiling curtains to form a closet without the expense of carpentry. You could have a cabinet maker build in wardrobes. Or you can purchase an antique or brand new wardrobe. Here are some examples I found on the Internet:

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