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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Spring Cleaning

This week I started my Spring Cleaning. I have to wait this late into the season because of the yellow oak pollen that coats everything. It's useless to do anything with that going on. Once it calms down and we have a good rain, then I'm ready to get started. I used to do my Spring cleaning all by myself but I can't any more. Stan would help me in our last house but now that we are back in town (last 5 yrs) I've paid teenagers to help me. Sometimes it's a friend from church or one of my nephews. Since Luke is in Iraq and Hannah is living with us, she's graciously offered to help and I'm paying her.

Stan and I did the outside and windows last Saturday. Today, Hannah and I did the dining room. I have way too many dishes. I like them, what can I say!?! I have vintage sets for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Christmas and that doesn't count all the other things I have bought in piece meal. I have had to stop buying it because I can't keep up with it all. So no new pieces in about 5 yrs. But, once a year, I try to go through the 4 china cabinets I have and wash every piece, dust the shelves and polish the silver. Then we washed the walls and cleaned the crystal chandelier.

Poor Hannah and I were shuffling back and forth bringing the china and crystal to the kitchen sink. We took turns washing and drying and then taking it back to the cabinets. With breaks, it took us 4 hours. I got really tired and I didn't do nearly the physical that she did. So, when we were finished, she went shopping and cleaned up her rooms and was chipper as a little bird. I went and snuggled with my dogs, read a little and slept through the afternoon. It's embarrassing to be this stiff, achey and tired. But I'm so thankful it's done!

Tomorrow Lee and Hannah are going to help me in the living room. It shouldn't take so long with both of them and there isn't nearly all the washing to do. I have to wash the curtains, wash the doo dads, vacuum the furniture real good, pull everything out from the walls and wash the walls and floors and then put everything back. The bookshelves and their contents will be the most time consuming thing. Depending on how good we do, we may do the Entrance Hall too.

For those of you who are into your Spring Cleaning, I have lists of all the rooms and the things you need to do to thoroughly clean them along with some other cleaning tips. I have posted them on previous posts so here is the link:


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