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Friday, May 21, 2010

Skeleton Crew by Beverly Connor

Skeleton Crew by Beverly Connor

Archaeologist Lindsay Chamberlain helps uncover a sunken Spanish galleon before the cofferdam subsides into the ocean and solve several murders while maintaining her relationship with her beau and fighting off thieves.

Someone discovers a journal in an attic and it gives the story of what happened to the Spanish galleon. Now to find the Spanish galleon which has been done by the time the story begins. So archaeologists descend on a small island off the Georgia coast. A coffer dam was built around the wreck to allow the teams to work in the dry. Skeletons are found and the story starts to match the journal. But new murders start happening.

It's a good light read but they could have done a better job editing. There were some spelling mistakes and choppy sentences. It needed a little work on the dialogue which sometimes seems more informational instead of natural conversation. But I can recommend it to anyone, any age.

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