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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Scrapbook Pages - Family Easter

Logan on his trampoline.

Me with the quintessential camera attached to my eye!

Peggy has all the grandchildren (who can come) over on Saturday before Easter for bags of candy and dying Easter eggs. This year it was Luke, Hannah, Katie and Dustin, Evans, Aaron, Logan.

Luke, Hannah, Stan and I joined Kathi, Eddie, Katie and Angie at their church for Easter Sunday service. They attend Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church in Moore, SC.

Katie and Dustin

Sitting around after Easter dinner and visiting.

The Harris family loves to play and they are very competitive. They did the egg toss, carrot darts, trampoline, road their bicycles and tossed balls around!

Kathi, Eddie and Katie

Kenny, Anna, Evans and Aaron. Logan was not being cooperative about picture taking.

Elaine, Ronnie, Luke and Hannah

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