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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Mom, Dad, and I went to Charleston on Good Friday to see Brett. Those photos arefarther down. But Jenny did take some photos of Bret dying his Easter eggs and going to an Easter party. Stan and I joined Angie, Kathi, Eddie, Katie, Luke and Hannah at church on Sunday at Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church. It was a nice service. Then we to Kenny and Anna's for Easter lunch. Their yard always looks so pretty this time of year. Everybody played games and some joined Logan on his trampoline. Logan hid the Easter eggs and all the adults got to go find the Easter eggs.

Peggy always has her grandchildren over on Saturday before Easter to dye Easter eggs, even though they are adults now (all but Logan). They still love to come. This year Evans, Aaron, Logan, Luke, Hannah, Ronnie, Angie, Katie, Kathi and Dustin were dying the eggs.

She had fixed them some Easter candy too!

Dustin and Katie

Kathi and Katie

Brett dying Easter eggs.

His hand became green!

Brett at the Easter party.

Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church on Easter morning.

Katie and Angie

Luke and Hannah

Logan on the trampoline in Kenny's backyard.

Here I am taking photos as usual.

Aaron just before playing egg toss.

Egg toss with Aaron and Evans.

Aaron playing the carrot darts.

All the adults searching for the Easter eggs that Logan hid in the front yard.


Donnie, Kathi, Katie





Ronnie playing ball with Luke.


Peggy with Aaron, Katie, Evans and Logan

Peggy with her children and their spouses.

Peggy and her children

Peggy and her sons

Kenny, Stan, Ronnie and Donnie

Ronnie and Luke riding bikes.

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