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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Day At Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC

I haven't been to the Riverbanks Zoo so when Elaine and Ronnie decided to meet Jenny, Kyle and Brett at the Zoo, I wanted to go too. April is the perfect time to go because Columbia can get very hot and humid during the summer months. It was bright sunshine, a little breeze and not too hot. Elaine, Ronnie and I got there before Jenny, Kyle and Brett. So we looked around. Once they got there we had a picnic that I made. I brought a cold Gazpacho soup that I threw together along with slices of summer sausage and hoop cheese, bananas and seedless grapes and lemon cookies with canned drinks. Not too heavy and yet had all the nutrition you need for a long day on your feet.

Elaine and Ronnie

I caught this penquin swimming.

The Flamingos!

Reptile house



Grizzly bears

I got a good shot of this little meerkat.

This was a very tiny orange monkey.

This black and orange monkey was also so tiny. These would be considered the "tea cup" breeds of monkeys! LOL!

These black monkeys were hilarious! There was a bunch of schoolchildren taunting them. The monkeys with their throats blown up like balloons were hollering, "NO, NO, NO!" and the children were screaming back at them, "NO, NO, NO!" It was just too funny!

This one was sitting all the excitement out. Doesn't he look like a muppet?

The Lions

The zoo has 3 gorillas. There is nothing but a piece of glass that separates you from these huge gorillas. It's a weird feeling to be that close to a gorilla. They are nothing but muscle and are awesome!

When Jenny, Kyle and Brett got there he was wide open and ready to go everywhere. He is walking and running 90 miles a minute so we took turns running with him. We were particularly worried he would fall and hit his head on the pavement so we had him by the shirt a lot to stabilize him.

Jenny, Kyle and Brett

Looking at the monkeys who were still hollering "NO, NO, NO!"

Now Brett wants to play monkey and his Daddy helps him out.

Silver and Gold, Ronnie and Brett

A little hot and tired now so he's taking a rest.

Kyle bought them a chocolate milkshake and he made the mistake of letting Brett have a sip through the straw. He loved it! Then his Daddy tried to give him his cold water back and Brett wouldn't have it and was lunging for that milkshake. I don't know if Jenny and Kyle ever got a sip of their chocolate milkshake.

Finally, Brett sacked out and Ronnie held him while Jenny and Kyle did the rest of the Zoo and I did the Botanical Gardens.

Riverbanks Botanical Gardens

On our way out of the Zoo

We stopped at the Lizard Thicket to eat an early supper. We got the restaurant to ourselves and had a round booth so Brett stood up in the middle of the booth and entertained us all! By the way, the Lizard Thicket makes good home cooking food. We've been to different Lizard Thickets in Columbia and enjoyed it each time.

Here he is touching foreheads with Ronnie. That's one of his ways of "kising" according to Jenny.

Feeding Pickles (Grandfather Ronnie)

Trying to use a fork to feed himself like a big boy!


Oh he loves our cold Southern sweet tea!

Before we left, I gave Brett this little monkey outfit to remember this day by. Kyle wanted to put him in it right away and I got this picture. Boy, it sure was hard to leave him.


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