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Monday, March 22, 2010


Everyone has to wait at some point. Waiting in the line at the bank, waiting in the dentist or doctor's office, waiting for the store to open, etc. Waiting can drive you crazy and I learned a long time ago to take something to occupy my mind so I wouldn't dwell on waiting. I'm always tucking a book in my purse in case I have to wait somewhere. But there are other things you can do to be productive while you wait.

There are some wonderful Bible covers or totes. Keep your Bible, notebook, Sunday School or Bible study book, pens and highlighters in it. Then you can pick it up for your Bible study time, devotions, going to church, and for those waiting times. You can study your Sunday School lesson, do your Bible study homework, memorize scripture, pray the scriptures, etc. while you wait. What better way to spend your time! Here are a few Bible covers and Bible totes.

It's always a good idea to keep a tote bag or two in your staging area by the door.

This staging area is where you keep your purse, keys, books to return to the library, the laundry to take to the dry cleaner, your children's school books and homework, etc. Use your tote bag to put stuff in. I NEVER go to the car or come in from the car without an armload and I know you do too. Use those tote bags. You can put those books for returning to the library, a bagged lunch, the jacket that needs dry cleaning, your daytimer (or organizer), AND something you can do while you wait. For your "wait bag" fill it with one of these "wait" projects:

* your knitting
* your cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint
* some stationary so you can catch up on correspondence
* a book to read
* your Bible to study
* a book on tape/CD player
* a journal
* your coupons and coupon organizer so you can make your shopping list or organize your coupons
* your nail kit, etc.
* a notebook to make lists

If you will be waiting with your kids, stick some of their books and a snack in the tote to keep them occupied.

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