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Monday, March 08, 2010


Stan, Dad and Ronnie cut down the big oak tree in the front yard that was too close to the house. If the tree (or a limb) fell it could fall on our house or our neighbor's house. It also was keeping the gutters clogged with leaves and acorns, grass wouldn't grow and the roots were going under the driveway and house. So it was time to come down. We anticipate planting a nice Crepe Myrtle so it won't get too big and yet provides a nice umbrella of shade for that side of the house. Stan started off climbing up in the tree to cut some limbs off so it wouldn't roll around once it hit the ground. Dad brought his old truck over to load wood for his wood stove. Ronnie came over and helped too. We all ate lunch and supper together so we made it a fun, family day. We missed Luke!! He used to love these kind of days. I happened to have one of my good days and was able to drag brush to the curb for pickup by the city. But when I hit my brick wall, I hit it hard. The pain was so bad I was heaving. I stayed in on Sunday to rest.

Our guys are well practised in using a chain saw and cutting down trees. But, with a tree this close to houses (there was only one direction to lay it down safely) it's best to use a professional. Don't try this at home.

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