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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I love ribbon and I think they can dress something up. Some people collect ribbon and ribbon spools. To store ribbons you can use boxes that have grommets that form ribbon holes. You can use a piece of plastic gutter as a shelf to hold ribbon spools. You can use a dowell to hold ribbon spools.

But how do you use all that ribbon? I did a Google search and saw some great things! I tried to pick out different levels of expertise, from simple to complicated. My favorites are the ribbon flowers and the ribbon work. It shows such an artistic beauty. It's so feminine.

This is a beautiful necklace made of plaited ribbon.

How about a cute bracelet?

Trim a purse.

Make ribbon flowers and then use them to embellish hats, purses, pillows. Add a pin back to it and use it as a pin.



Embellish shoes

Ribbon Wreaths

Ribbon pillows

Ribbon placemats

Trim lampshades

Ribbon work


Trimming a baby bib

Trim an apron

Trimming towels

A quilted ribbon wall hanging

Trim bedding and linens

Trimming shades

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