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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lamb Reunion

Here's my problem. My Mother and Uncle James say this picture was a Lamb Family Reunion. We have 3 photos. My family have been identified. But the other 2 photos, we can't identify everyone. Please take a look at this photo and the closeups I made and see if you recognize any of these people. If you know them, please contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com.

Let me give you a quick family tree:

Elbert Sevier Lamb and Nancy Margaret Malinda Ricker

They had: Robert E. Lamb (he married Acelia E. Collins), Necie Mae Lamb (she married Isaac Horth Lamb), Susan Jane Lamb "Jenny" (she married William Jasper Collins), Sarah Elizabeth Emmaline Lamb "Libby" (she married Buncombe Alexander Jackson), John Edward Lamb "Ed" (he married Noda Vesta Miller and Bessie Freshour Harkelroad), Benjamin Page Lamb (he married Alpha Cordelia Nease "Delia"), Nathan Byrd Lamb (he married Annie Reynolds), Minnaree Rollins Lamb "Minnie" (she married Thomas Andrew Southerland) and Tennessee Smelcer Lamb "Tennie" (she married Zechariah Thomas Jackson)

Are these possibly Ed Lamb's brothers and sisters? Thanks to Ramona Bassett, I have some identities. The first one (on the left) is Minnaree Rollins "Minnie" Lamb Southerland, married to Thomas Andrew Southerland. The second one (far right) is Minnie's twin sister, Tennessee Smelcer "Tennie" Lamb Jackson, married Zechariah Thomas Jackson. The man in the center is Benjamin "Ben" Page Lamb. The woman in the dark dress (far left) is Necie Mae Lamb Lamb, married to Isaac Horth Lamb. I think the eldest lady may be Susan Jane "Jenny" Lamb Collins, married to William Jasper Collins, but it also may be Sarah Elizabeth "Libbie" Emmeline Lamb Jackson, married to Bascombe Alexander Jackson. If you know for sure, please contact me!

I'm thinking this picture must be cousins maybe from John Edward Lamb's generation. Could this be the children of Ed's brothers and sisters? The ones we can identify are my Grandmother, 2 of her sisters and their younger half brother. Their oldest sister, Pearl Lamb Shipley, is the only one missing.

Thanks to Ramona Bassett, I have an identity of one more of these cousins. Seated in the front row, 3rd from the left is Ollie Mae Southerland Ellenburg (Minnie Lamb Southerland's daughter), who married Fred Jerrell Ellenburg from Parrotsville, TN. Thanks to Erline McKay who was able to identify the gentleman far left, standing in the 2nd row, as Ralph Lamb a son of Benjamin Page Lamb.

Here are the closeups

In the background of the picture is this car. This could give us an approximate date. Can you identify the car or the little girls?

Here are the descendants of John Edward Lamb. These are his children, spouses and grandchildren. Geneva Margaret Lamb Reese, Fannie Marie Lamb Copeland, Artie Mae Lamb Johnson and Daniel Atkins Lamb. All except their older sister, Pearl and her family. They must not have been able to be there.

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