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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs were developed in the 1700's. Some attribute it's invention to Benjamin Franklin but it's not known for sure. A rocking chair is usually associated with peace and calm because of the gentle motion, the back and forth rhythm that soothes a baby to sleep. It's comfortable not only because of the motion but because, even sitting still it will rock back to a more centered gravity. You can also push it back and place your feet on a stool.

My Mom has her mother's rocker. Here is a picture of my Great Grandmother rocking one of her great grandchildren, Glenn Jr. She's in the same rocking chair that Mom has now.

My Mom had 3 girls and we are 2 yrs apart. She would plunk one on each arm of the rocking chair and the baby on her lap in order to rock us all. She loved rocking her babies. This chair would have been the ideal thing! LOL!

We tend to think of rocking chairs on porches.

Or in nurseries.

But don't forget we can have them inside. Here are some pictures I found on the Internet that have rocking chairs.

I have a rocking chair in my kitchen and everyone likes sitting in it.

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