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Monday, February 22, 2010

Organizing Your Refrigerator

Today, I stripped my refrigerator. I purged, cleaned and put it back together. I like to use baskets in my refrigerator to act as drawers. I line them with paper towels to help catch any spills. I keep a large glass jar with my cornmeal in the back of my refrigerator (on top, don't know if you can see it but it's behind the water pitcher). I group all my condiments (for hot dogs/hamburgers/sandwiches) together, pickles together, etc. Here is my refrigerator:

Then I got on the Internet and did some Google searches on other people's ideas on organizing a refrigerator. Here are some of the great ideas I came across:

These people are having to pack a lot in their refrigerator and somebody likes eggs! But it's neat and in order and I like the turntable idea!

Recycling beer crates is a good idea. They are already made to fit the door and it will keep condiments and bottles from clanking and knocking each other as you pull them out by the handy handle!

A great idea for recycling an old picture frame. Use some heavy magnets and material and make a pocket for your shopping lists.

Corraling your yogurt is a great idea.

I like using see through containers for leftovers if I can so that I will remember. We eat leftovers around here.

These are nice little pitchers that fit in the door.

Using containers as dividers in your vegetable drawers is a great idea.

Some people like to line their refrigerator shelves to make cleanup easier. Just remove the shelf liner. Some even use newspaper. It's absorbent and can help if something spills.

Here is an idea for those string cheese packages.

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