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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Ready For Spring

I'm so ready for Spring! We live in SC so it's about this time that we begin to call it early Spring. We start to see crocuses and hyacinths.

Then we see the forsythias bloom!

Followed by the tulips and daffodils.

And the azaleas and dogwoods end our "early" Spring. After that we are into late Spring and then Summer.

With the brighter colors, the bright greens of budding trees and bushes, the new grass, pastels of flowers and baby birds and animals we get our palette of Spring.

I've often wondered if God knew we needed brightening up and encouraging after the Winter so he gave us the baby birds and animals and the colors of newness. Or do we just respond to these stimuli because it's the way it's always been. What if Spring brought the colors that we relate to Fall. We wouldn't know the difference so oranges, gold, red and rust would quicken our hearts and make us look forward to warm weather. Either way, we respond to the Spring colors, the babies and the newness of life. It's the reason that we dye Easter eggs (symbol of new life), we buy our children baby ducklings and baby peeps to teach them about baby birds. It's why we start thinking of warm days and picnics. It's why we decorate for Spring.

Let's make a list of things that we relate to early Spring:
The above mentioned flowers
Easter eggs, baskets, rabbits, ducklings, lambs, peeps, Easter grass
Baby birds
Nests with eggs (which crack to birth the baby birds)
Gardening (we begin to plant flowers, early vegetables, cleaning up after Winter, enjoying being outside again)
Going on picnics
Going to public gardens and trails for day trips to see the new flowers and bushes
Cooler clothes
New grass, budding trees
Our risen Lord

I'm sure there are others. But you get my drift. How do we translate these ideas into decorating our homes. You don't have to do a front to back changeover every season. (You can if you want!) But just adding a few touches can brighten us up and give our children memories. Here are some ideas I saw on the Internet:

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