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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Making a Scrapbooking Area

Sorting Saturday is a daily blogging prompt at Geneabloggers.com used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites. Any tips on how to go about sorting through a closet or box of stuff, what to do with what you find, organizing, supplies and tools you might need, etc.

I do scrapbooking which goes hand-in-hand with my other passion, genealogy. I used to do all paper scrapbooking but now I've gone digital. If you do digital and paper on the same page layout, it's called hybrid scrapbooking. I now have a wide format printer that prints 12 x 12 scrapbook pages but you can also have them printed by companies online like Shutterfly.com. Our niece, Jenny, came up with funny things to the tune of Twelves Days of Christmas about little Brett. I had to scrap it. I did a hybrid page. I printed part of it as 8 x 8 on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and then put it on a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and added embellishments around it.

Why did I change to digital? Because all my supplies are in the computer on a hard drive and I can do away with all the supplies and equipment I used to use. That opened up a lot of space in my study. But some people love handling the paper and will not go digital. For them...

...I searched the Internet for scrapbooking rooms. Scrapbook rooms have to be highly organized to be effective. There are just so many papers, embellishments, stickers, equipment, etc to keep up with. Some women only have little scrapbook areas like using a closet,their dining room table, or a corner. But serious scrappers have a dedicated room, or scrapbook studio. If you aren't organized then you forget what you have and duplicate. This is a waste of money. Some people get really too many supplies and equipment. Their inventory is too heavy. They end up with every new doodad and stuff gets shifted to the bottom or is no longer in fashion so it's a waste. If you have a local scrapbook store, let it be your warehouse. You don't have to keep 50 sheets of red cardstock on hand. But, if you don't have a scrapbook store near you, then you really might need to keep a good inventory. Also if you have scrapbook parties at your house or you are in the scrapbooking business, then you might need all that stuff. But try to keep a healthy balance... not too much and not too little. In a business they have to keep this balance and it's called on-time inventory. You don't want to get stuck with too much product, but you need enough to keep your work rolling along.

I did get into the rubberstamping craft but I kept it pretty reasonable. I never got into die cutting because I could see it leading to another avenue of spending money. Organzing rubberstamps, ink pads, die cuts and die cutting machines takes a lot of skill as you will see.

I surfed the Internet to find examples of scrapping rooms, scrapbook supplies organization, and just good ideas for the scrapper. Hope you enjoy it and may it motivate you to clean up, purge, organize!

Notice the diecuts in the white shelf on the left. Punches are in the black things hanging on the closet doors and rubber stamps arranged on narrow shelves under the window.

These shelves look like gutters but aren't. But you could use real gutters. Gutters are especially good for holding ribbon spools.

Punches are like mini-die cuts.

A nice way to stack rubberstamps. I think they are stored in some type of clear plastic boxes or clamshells. Maybe DVD cases?


An old drawer turned up on it's side makes a good narrow cabinet.


Plastic shoe box holding ribbon spools.

Old jewelry box. Fishing tackle and tool boxes are handy too.

Notice how this lady fitted matching printed cardstock into the fronts of her plastic drawers so that it makes everything look matched. What a wonderful idea!


Always Nesting said...

Love love love all these photos. We just lost a daughter to marriage :) and her bedroom will soon be my new crafts room. Putting it together is proving harder than I thought - so much organization and storage needed. Wonderful, awesome inspiration for me. Thank you so much!!

jab said...

Thanks for doing the work for us scrappers! Judi

Debbie said...

The last pic and one up above in black are the Expedit shelf series from IKEA...$199. I just put them in my craft room. Cannot beat it for the price!keychot

Unknown said...

I'm a scrapbooker. Loved all the pics. My problem is it looks like that when I start and I make such a mess when I work. I hate to get started and mess up my room.


Unknown said...

I love the desk with the 2 white shelf unit underneath, where can I find them. It is just what I want
thanks, Sissy

Anonymous said...

Unknown - you wanted to know where to purchase the white desk with the 2 white shelf units underneath. Those are at Target and they are called "Trestle Desk". I don't see a white one right now, only an antique black. Right now they are priced at $223.99.

once upon a time said...

Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing this inspiring collection of images, I've so enjoyed the browsing. Stumbled on your blog via Pinterest, please continue to share. have a blessed day. From a fellow animal lover, Claire :)

Southern Angels Stamping said...

I enjoyed looking at all your photos that you posted!
Thank you for sharing them! I am a crafter, scrapbooker,
and artist so I have a lot of different kinds of stuff
in my room. I pulled it all out and bought some organizing
shelves and other things for my room to get better organized.
It has been a lot of hard work all on my own! I have been
doing a little every day till it is completed! I will be
glad when I do get it finished and pretty!I have been so
tired lately that I have been at a stand steel so seeing
photos and watching videos helps motivate me and give me
inspiration! Have a wonderful and blessed day and God bless!

Unknown said...

You seem like a really great lady! I found your blog through a link someone, not yourself, posted on Pinterest . it was because you have such terrific content on your site. I love your blog! This is going to help me tons to create my craft room. The dedication you have to bring your viewers terrific content is evident. If there is anything I can do to spread the news about your blog let me know 248lentz@gmail.com and please email me a link if (you should be!) your on utube. Excellent site! Excellent vibe! Thank you so much, I'm sure I speak for a lot of people. Have a terrific day!

Anonymous said...

Very helpful site, I got some good ideas! I do not do scrap booking but I do plenty of other crafts that your ideas are very welcome. Thank you very much for your blog and ideas! Now my craft room will be organized and welcoming.

Unknown said...

Good day. I was impressed with your article. Keep it up . You can also visit my site if you have time. Thank you and Bless you always.



Unknown said...

I found your site on Pinterest. I love all the ideas! I find myself going back to your site again & again.

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