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Friday, October 16, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Sometime this week I went over the 200,000 mark in hits on my blog. That was a goal, a milestone, for me. As you know, this blog is a scrapbook of all my interests. I work out my interests right here, online, in case there are any others out there that share whatever interest I'm covering. I get interested in a subject and do a little studying on it and post my results here. My interests range from recipes, organizing, home decorating, home building ideas, history, dogs, family, genealogy, scrapbooking, local history, Bible study, book reviews, etc. So if you don't find what you like in one week, keep checking back. Scroll down and look at my "Categories" on the right. If you find one there you like, then click on it and it will take you to all the posts that I've done concerning that category. Thank you for making my day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carved Pumpkins

I found some very good carved pumpkins on the Internet. I tried to pick a variety from easy to artistically difficult. I didn't want anything too scary or yucky but I wanted to see imagination and cleverness. Here were my picks:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Underground Houses

My parents toyed with the idea of building an underground house back during the 1970's. They never followed through with it but it always interested me. I did a Google search on "underground houses" and "underground homes" and found some interesting photos. Some are built like caves, some look like hobbit homes, some are just plain tacky. I'm not interested in playing Fred and Wilma with a cave house. I don't like the "I'm stuck in the horse pasture" look either. I'm not a big fan of homes that look unprofessional or like they are made of playdo sculpted by a child's hands.

And, for me personally, I would hate to go back to living in a multi-story house with so many stairs. I like flat living. For all practical purposes I like to park the car, walk in the house and live without having to climb any stairs. I'm the one having to tote those laundry baskets, bags of groceries, vacuum cleaner, mop buckets, etc. So I don't want to make it harder on myself by having to go up and down stairs. I've done that and it got old.

Anyway, here are the best I could find.

I don't know if this one is real, but it's the best one.

Now here are some thoughts that came to me.
* What about soil erosion? Some of these houses looked like they could have a problem with it.
* Do you have problems with creepy, crawlies in the house (bugs, snakes, spiders) any more than a regular house?
* Do you have problems with dampness and mildew like basements have?
* Has anyone done a study to see how long these houses really last before deteriorating? Nature and time are hard on houses, is it more or less so with an underground house? Some looked a little worse for the wear in the photos I was seeing. I mean, how long can concrete last before it starts crumbling in places, cracking, seeping, etc.?

For now, I'm not ready to live in an underground house. I didn't see one that I was the least bit intrigued by.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Air Show in Columbia, SC

Our nephew, Luke, is in the Air Force and he works out of Shaw AFB in the National Guard Base. He is the leader of his bomb loading team. They load bombs on F 16 Jet Fighters. We were so thrilled to get to go see where they live, where he works and what he does! The Air Show was really great and I would definitely go again. Now that I've been to one I know some things I need to bring:
* Folding chairs
* Sunscreen
* Wheeled cart to carry everything.
* Hat, umbrella, and dark sunglasses. When you are looking up into the sky to watch, the hat has to come off and the umbrella, for shade, has to be put down and the glare makes dark sunglasses a necessity.
* My proten drinks for my Hypoglycemia but NO OTHER DRINKS OR FOOD ALLOWED. Bring any other medicines you might need like Benadryl! (I stepped in a nest of fire ants in all those fields of grass and got a dozen bites and I'm very miserable. I'm highly allergic to them but I hated to ruin the party by making Stan take me to a doctor or ER so I downed some Benadryl and have been taking hand fulls of Benadryl along with a Prednisone pack but am still miserable. I hope I can avoid going to the doctor this time.)
* You will be walking a long way from the car to the Show and then you are on your feet a good bit while looking at the planes and exhibitions. Dress appropriately for all that walking and standing...and walking through those fields of grass that are infested with fire ants...you need to stick to the paved areas and wear comfortable closed toed shoes and socks.
* Cash for drinks, eats and souvenirs - parking and entrance is free but they make their money on the high priced (but good) food/drinks/souvenirs. They have hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza slices, fresh lemonade, etc. The usual festival stuff. Stan and I shared a hamburger to tide us over until we went to eat. It was really good.
* Cameras

F 16 Fighter Jet

The F 16 Fighter Jet like the ones Luke works on

This plane is like the one Jenny's husband, Kyle, loads down in Charleston.

While we were there we got to see the house Luke and Hannah rent. It's pretty nice home and Hannah has it nicely decorated and clean as a whistle!

After the Air Show we all went for dinner at the Lizard's Thicket. It has Southern "down home" type of food. Or "soul food". I got the fried catfish, squash casserole, and lima beans and it was great!! We all enjoyed our food. I recommend it.

We were back home by 5:00pm. What great memories we have of the day (except for being attacked by fire ants).

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