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Friday, August 07, 2009

Mud Rooms

Mud rooms are popular in modern homes. Depending on how you need to use it is how big you need to make your mud room. It could be as simple as a staging area by the back door or a whole separate room. We live in SC and rarely need heavy snow coats, snow boots, etc. We don't have teens that are involved in lots of sports or activities in which we need to organize equipment. Our dogs are small so we don't need a dog shower, etc. So we have a coat closet and then a staging area by the door where I keep all the stuff I need to take with me like my purse, keys, camera, laptop, sunglasses, out mail basket, etc.

But there are plenty of you that need a mudroom to catch all those boots, tennis shoes, ballet slippers, heavy coats, tutus, piano music books, back packs, etc. I scoured the Internet to find some mud room ideas. Everthing from mudroom cubbies, closets, lockers, baskets, etc. I tried to find something for everyone from small to large, cheap to expensive.

Combining a mudroom with a laundry room. I like the mirror by the door for last minute checks.

A simple staging area.

This mudroom is too "decorated" so we know it's not used.

A mudroom closet

A coat closet made into a mudroom cubby.

Notice the dog shower in the corner? I also like the cabinet doors so that all the clutter is "behind closed doors"

Notice the shelves for the helmets around the ceiling and the shelves for the sunglasses!

I wonder if they can open the locker doors with that pillow on top. I think I would leave that off. It's not really wide enough to sit on anyway.

Another mudroom closet

This is one of my favorites.

I love how the closets make the lockers. Keeps the clutter out of sight and is very chic.

Lighting the cubbies (or lockers) is a good idea.

Here is a dog shower/tub but it also makes a great place to clean your feet when you come in from working in the yard or to rinse off after the pool.

I can imagine needing something this large when you have skis and bulky winter outergarments.

This simple bench looks like it's made out of recycled barn wood.

These are functional but, I swear, they look like old fashioned potties! LOL!

A mudroom closet

Curtains are another way to hide the clutter of the cubbies.

Recycling Old School Lockers

If you come across old metal school lockers consider yourself lucky! They can be used like mudroom cubbies, sports lockers, or to organize your tools.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

High Ceilings

Do you have some high ceilings? Do you struggle with how to decorate with such high ceilings? I scoured the Internet for photos of rooms with high ceilings so you could get some ideas. Some seem to ignore their high ceilings. Some embrace the high ceilings by decorating in a way to show them off. And some, sort of section the height off using molding. I've seen the use of massive pieces of furniture and art, but I've also seen small groupings.

My biggest problem with soaring ceilings is the ability to clean things like windows, draperies, light fixtures, ceiling fans, moldings, artwork, etc. Spider webs, dust, dirty windows, dusty drapes will kill any decor. Remember, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ALMOST ANY DECOR AS LONG AS YOU KEEP IT CLEAN AND UNCLUTTERED.

This kitchen uses the height to add extra cabinets for storage.

This use of framed smaller architectural drawings makes an attractive use of the height for minimal expense. The large candlier probably wasn't too expensive and required no electrician. So I thought this room was nicely decorated and used the height well without a lot of expense.

Notice the white lights? I like the use of the turquoise. And using the vintage globes to bring out that color was a brilliant idea and wouldn't be too expensive. The tan with the flying birds was a great idea too. The mix of vintage furniture and the modern pieces works. You know me and how I love thrifting, yard sale-ing, antique malls, bargains...I think this person used their finds well!

There really isn't any decorating going on here. The builder decorated it for them. The molding, the tall mirror. I don't like the plain Jane windows at the top, that really dampens the formal molding, mirror, fireplace and the (reflected) coffered ceiling. The wall sconces are also too plain and not nearly large enough.

I love the colors used in this room. The scarlet really pops with the background of pale blue. The white piping and the white pillows and white accents do another POP. The rock fireplace doesn't really go with it but it's livable. The use of the curtains at the tall windows is nice with the fringe.

This massive ceiling and the church type beams make it look like a true castle. Notice they put the framed artwork at a certain height (in line with the mullions in the windows) and this sort of sectioned the room into a lower height and they ignore the soaring ceilings. So they live as though the ceiling was only 10' tall. Much like we live here on earth and yet have the boiling storm clouds going on above us.

The decorative element over the fireplace is neat (the only thing that messes it up is dividing it into "blocks"). The very deep and decorative window valances take the blue up higher. I also like the tall backs on the side chairs and the large lamps. The cream, gold and blue is always a good combination. Nothing new in that but if it isn't broke, don't fix it! Look at the paint technique on the doors.

I love the use of wallpaper to mimic decorative molding. This is very Victorian and formal. These people aren't afraid of color and I love it! They embraced their height and decorated it.

Again, a very Victorian use of wallpaper to decorate. I don't really like the pink paint on the molding but it does make it stand out and as beautiful as they are, you don't want them to get lost in the busy wallpaper. If you have an older Victorian home, maybe this can give you some ideas. Also notice how the picture is hung from a picture rail with cords and tassle. This is also a Victorian accent. Beautiful antique bed!

This gorgeous bedroom uses fancy molding to section it off at the top of the windows. Above they continue with the pink but added the faux lattice work and cabochons. I'm pretty sure that is a painting technique. The beautiful chandelier and the princess canopy also uses the height. The curtains are very ornate and "big". The only thing in this room that I don't like is the modern rose print over the bed. Oh, and don't miss the upholstered foot board on the bed!

This modern bedroom lets the paint section off at the window height. They used a darker color below and bright white above so that the height gets lost in the ceiling. Then the hanging modern art gives some lines. This is not my style but for minimalists and moderns it can give you an idea.

The long blue drapes make the room look taller but it also shows off the arched windows.

If you want a baronial hall then this look does it. The massive fireplace, the large lions on top of the mantle and the fancy ceiling make it look bigger than the room really is. In fact, that fancy ceiling wouldn't be all that hard to do. It looks like picture frames make the diamonds and the rope molding and round mirror frames are all placed just right to give this ceiling a lot of bang for the buck! Also notice how the drapes go above the windows to make them look taller than they are. The large pictures stacked on either side of the fireplace make your eye stay on that wall.

In this beautiful room they put a smaller piece of molding around the room about a foot below the ceiling. They put some fancy molding at the top of the ceiling. Then they painted the lower molding and wall white and the upper crown molding the gold. This brought the ceiling down and yet still made it very formal looking. The drapes are also very formal and give the room a rich look. It all looks nice except you can barely walk between the couches because of the coffee table. Leave it off or use a very narrow one. Also notice the wainscoting and the column. Let's hope there is a matching column on the left side.

I just love this dining room! Notice the blue and white stripes on the walls, the blue checks on the table and the blue on the chandelier. The vintage buffet painted in that blue is unusual but really works. The plate rack with shutters is another good use of bargain finds. I just love the airy feel (or should that be aerie feel?), the mix of vintage and casual with formal and color.

This pale green blue is a nice color! They also took a foot off the height by stepping down a foot with a strip of molding and then painting it and the wall white. The crown molding picks up the green blue again. They did not add fancy valances which also lowers the ceiling.

This room centers on that rock wall and the modern art (notice each piece has special art lighting). You don't even notice the furnishings at the foot of the fireplace. If you have some large pieces of favorite artwork and you want the room to revolve around it, this works.

I really like the storage that these box shelves give under the stairs. (There is also a closet under the stairs.) The large modern sculptural light fixture also works with a high ceiling. If you had standard 8' ceilings, a light fixture like this would be too big and have to hang too low.

In this home they used large art and mirror and even a large wall hung Grandfather clock. But everything is at the banister level with nothing above wo I would say they basically ignored their high ceilings which is fine. It's just another way of dealing with them.

I like this tall wainscoting and the different colors from the green/white wainscoting to the blue green walls above. Then they used a darker blue green in the door and the gingham window curtains. This lowers the ceiling.

This fantastic ceiling is ignored with all the decorating from the top of the windows and fireplace down. It stands on it's own so that is as good a way as any. It's like my scrapbooking. Sometimes the paper is just so good that all I have to do is add a photo and let the paper do the work. This ceiling does enough work.

Another way to ignore the soaring ceilings. The drape on the large window is the only thing above the tops of the windows. It's painted a khaki neutral but the white fireplace and the decorating makes it more formal.

The very ornate and deep valances (which go all the way to the deep ceiling molds) and the tall secretary embrace this high ceiling. The stacked framed art and the nice chandelier also embrace the height. Except for the heavy secretary, all the other wood pieces are very delicate. I think this offsets the heavy dark doors and secretary.

This beautiful scarlet wallpaper embraces the height. The lower simple molding painted white helps lower, and yet, the continuation of the scarlet wallpaper keeps your eye going up. The valance goes up to the ceiling. The large round mirror is different from the normal square mirror and I like it for being different! The coffee table is too big so that no one can walk in and sit down for the large coffee table.

The panelling and the two different colors on that tall wall works. Hanging the framed piece over the couch and high is good. It's big enough to be that high. The white round pendulum light goes well with that acrylic dining room suite (you can barely see it). If you took everything out of this room and changed that light fixture, you could make it just as formal and traditional as you want. So this is a versatile room.

This room has gorgeous views and the arched doorways play to that. You don't even notice the high ceilings so they are ignored.

Every bit of the high walls and ceilings are used to display their eclectic artwork. They embrace their height. This is not my kind of artwork but that's OK. They love it and you know they do because they have used it and live with it. I do love the use of color and fun. The only problem with this room is the massive coffee table leaves you little room to walk and sit at the sofas and is just a little too much. A smaller coffee table would function a little better. And they covered their beautiful, exotic fireplace with an exotic lounge sofa. I think I would have left that one out or done without one of the leather couches.

They used a paint technique on these walls and took it up all the way to the coffered ceiling, even over the ceiling molding. This tries to hide the height but the framed artwork is nicely placed.

The extra large framed picture uses the tall ceiling well over this sofa.

They embraced the high ceiling by decorating it and using the large candlabra. Beautifully done ceiling!

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