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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Due to the large number of calls, letters, and emails that MANY sent out, the Cherokee County Council amended their shelter policy so that puppies, kittens, lactating mothers, seniors, and the infirm can now be rescued even if they have litters, are too young, too small, too old, or too sick to be spayed or neutered.

Before the Tremendous public outcry, these animals were not covered by the existing shelter policy, and ALL of these helpless animals were being euthanized.

The Humane Society of Cherokee County, who is the sole rescue/adoption agent allowed into this rural County shelter to save the animals, launched a huge public campaign to bring this policy "oversight" to the people so that local government (that normally moves with the speed of a slug on cold concrete) would quickly amend this policy before more lives were lost.

And it worked! After a month of heavy public pressure, and multiple Public Works and County Council Meetings, the HSCC has been allowed to resume our Rescue and Adoption operations which can now include puppies, kittens, lactating mothers, seniors, and the infirm.

WhooHoo! Finally, a win for the Animals! Again, thank you so much for YOUR support! We couldn't have done it without YOU.......

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our Annual 4th of July Party

Every year we have a big 4th of July party at Eddie and Kathi's house. They have a pool so everyone wants to go there in the heat of the summer. The party started when the children were little and now they are adults except for Logan and they bring their husband, fiance, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends and it gets bigger every year. This was Brett's first July 4th party and he seemed to love it. I'm real proud of how the young people all take care of Logan and Brett. Most young people would be too involved in their own clique to pay any attention to Logan and Brett but they all took turns playing with Logan and taking care of Brett, even the guys. It's so sweet to see them interact with the little ones.

The afternoon was spent swimming while Kathi and Eddie prepared the food. Eddie grilled 75 hamburgers and hot dogs. Stan had made his hash. Luke made pulled pork. There was potato salad, cole slaw, cantalope, tomatoes/onions/pickles, sliced cucumbers, taco dip, corn on the cob. Then there were the desserts. Jenny made her delectable banana pudding (it was gone in 10 mins!). Chelsea, Katie and Melanie made a special July 4th cake. Some guests brought cakes and pies. Despite having so many people there were still lots of food left. We took some home for another meal and put some in the freezer, gave some to neighbors and will still have some to take to the soup pantry.

Stan and I got there early enough so that I could get in the pool before the young people and do my therapy exercises. That made me hurt and ache so I left early and didn't get to stay for the fireworks. When I got home I hurt so bad that I couldn't go to sleep but eventually fell asleep about 11:00pm.

All the cars at Eddie and Kathi's house.

Little Hunter is looking in anticipation of all the fun!

A fancy cake!

Brett gets in the pool. He has his usual furrowed brow. He frowns like this whenever he's concentrating or unsure. It's his "thinking" look. Wonder what is going through his mind?

Jenny was talking to Kyle all the way in Iraq! We missed him, especially on July 4th!

Logan can now jump off the diving board and swim in the deep end!

Jenny tries to put Brett in a lifejacket that Great Grandmother bought her. Little Brett got to float in it!

Right as she got him in the pool, Kyle (from Iraq) called and she had to run answer the phone. Angie took Brett and floated him in the pool.

Brett just relaxed and enjoyed it. When his feet touched the side of the pool, he would push off.

Elaine gets Brett to take a nap.


The remains of Jenny's Banana Pudding. She says Kyle won't believe it.

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