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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red, White And Boom

We took Jenny, Brett and Stan's Mother to see Red, White and Boom (our town's July 4th celebration). I forgot my camera so I had to get these shots with my cell phone.

Medusa by Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos

Medusa by Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos

A Kurt Austin NUMA files mystery

Caleb Nye, a farm boy on his first whaling voyage in 1848, is swallowed by a whale but the whale is caught and when it's cut open, Caleb Nye has survived. But his skin and hair have been bleached white and remain that way the rest of his life. Later he and the crew stop at an island and are infected with a deadly flu-like virus. They make it to another island before they all succumb only to barely remember some native tribesmen who heal them because they assume Caleb Nye is some kind of ghost god. Again with the primitive natives having some kind of special wisdom or miraculous cure. The crew are healed and enjoy good health the rest of their lives. The Captain becomes wealthy due to his good whale oil haul and Caleb Nye becomes wealthy because he gives shows where he recites his story of being swallowed by a whale and healed by native islanders.

Now to modern day, China has developed a flu virus but it has gotten out and begun infecting people. A Chinese triad (gang) is desperate to find a vaccine not to save lives but to hold the world hostage and make money off the vaccine. They hijack an American undersea laboratory that had been secretly working on vaccines. Kurt Austin and his team save the day.

Another exciting story by Cussler. I don't think it was up to par as his others but still a good read. It follows his normal, but successful, storylines. I would recommend it to any age.

Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

Two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle lies Alaska’s Federal Wildlife Zone and is one of the remotest parts of the world. Scientists have gathered at an old military bunker that had been built in the 1950's as an outlying base to watch for Russian missiles. But it's no longer needed for that but continues to be staffed with a small staff for scientific monitoring. This group of scientists is financed by a media conglomerate who invests hoping for documentaries to come out of finds. They have come to collect evidence of global warming or to collect evidence because of global warming. A tiny native family come to warn the scientists to stop their work and leave because there is great danger. Paleoecologist Evan Marshall, is the main character. They are working in a valley while around them huge chunks of ice of cracking off the cliffs. One day a chunk cracks off and falls and behind it is a cave. In the cave is a prehistoric cat-like animal encased in the ice. This find brings the media conglomerate's documentary filming team and stars and the military base becomes crowded with people intent on commercializing this find. They cut the animal out of the ice and begin to thaw it.

Then, all hell breaks loose. Violent and bloody deaths happen just like the natives had warned them. I don't know why so many people have this fantasy that primitive peoples have, or had, some kind of spiritual knowledge, natural wisdom and supernatural abilities that modern mankind doesn't have. I find it to be a pretty silly assumption. They were human beings like we are human beings with no more goodness, or special knowledge than we have. They suffered like we do and have evil like we do...they are just human beings. But Child plays into that with the mysterious Usuguk, the native shaman.

The scientists, film crew, and small military contingent try to catch this frenzied monster. The violence is graphic so I wouldn't recommend it to someone under 16.

This book reminded me of The Relic but instead of a monster from South American jungles to the Natural Museum it's the Arctic and a military base. A little too much the same. As someone else said on Amazon.com, "Child long ago discovered a formula that works for him (and his writing partner), and is very faithful to it. Whether you will like "Terminal Freeze" depends entirely on how you feel about that formula."

I like the formula and read it in one sitting. But it is like some of his others.

Relentless by Dean Koontz

Relentless by Dean Koontz

Cullen "Cubby" Greenwich is married to Penny, the daughter of survivalists. Cubby and Penny have a six year old genius son named Milo and a dog named Lassie. Cubby and Penny are authors. Penny writes and illustrates children's books and Cubby has a string of best sellers, his latest being One O'Clock Jump. This latest book is critiqued by a famous but reclusive book critic named Shearman Waxx and he has nothing good to say about it. Cubby finds out that Shearman Waxx has a lunch reservation at a nearby restaurant so he takes Milo and they go for lunch to get a look at the book critic from a distance. But Milo has to go to the bathroom and an amusing incident happens when Shearman walks in at the same time Cubby is holding Milo up to the urinal to pee and Milo barely misses peeing on Waxx's shoe. For some reason this antagonizes the man and he utters one word, "Doom".

From then on Shearman Waxx methodically begins to try and destroy Cubby and his family. But he has come across a family that is not so easy to destroy. They and their extended family and friends are quirky and loving and they are intent on saving each other without losing their goodness and innocence. Milo is so Harry Potter-ish as his tinkering develops magical powers and his dog, Lassie, becomes a super hero.

I love the odd and quirky characters that Koontz introduces and how he treats them with respect and interest. And Koontz adds his signature supernatural touch that makes it interesting. Once I started, as usual, I didn't put it down until I finished. I liked the book and would recommend it to anyone over 14 yrs old.

But the weak part of the story was why Shearman Waxx went after the Greenwich's. You don't find out until the end and it's a weak reason. It didn't really make sense. I wish Koontz had spent a little more time fleshing that out. But it did have a good ending.

Food Fight!

Jenny brought Brett over to show us how he had been playing in his prunes! He had it all over him, her and the floor. His first food fight!

Stan Got A New Foot

Stan had extensive foot surgery last Wednesday. It was outpatient surgery but he's suppose to be off from work 8-10 weeks. It's hard to imagine him being able to stay away from work that long because he's a workaholic. But we shall see. Anyway, we would appreciate your prayers on his behalf. I need them too.

His foot surgery went well and we made it through the day. It was rough and I was so exhausted that I slept most of the next day. But he's already bored and doing too much. I knew I would have this problem.

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