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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Wanted - a church home where Jesus Christ is believed and preached as the only way to salvation, the Word is trusted as inerrant, mercy is extended and the priesthood of the believer is respected. Where the Holy Spirit is welcome and not treated as an unruly toddler that man must control. Praise and worship unrestricted and natural, not hyped up, dumbed down to dry leaves, or rated according to entertainment value. Sincerity, transparency, honesty, humility is essential in the leadership. No corporate mega-churches need apply. Prayer is a non-negotiable. Fellowship is a plus! Contact us at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Brett the Muscle Man!

Jenny and Kyle work out a lot and she wanted me to take these photos of her and Brett in their matching workout clothes!

Isn't he cute! And, for a baby, he really is lean and muscular like his parents.

Ronco's Rotisserie

I came across a Ronco Rotisserie at a Flea Market for $30.00. Since it sells for $160.00 on the Ronco website, I decided to buy it. It had never been used and had all the pieces. I brought it home and cleaned it up (I always wash and sanitize anything I buy even if it hasn't been used and is brand new.) We have used it several times and we like it.

Here Stan marinated some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and then used the Rotisserie.

They were a success.

We also did some pork tenderloin. It cooked them too fast and they got overdone. So we will adjust our times. We think it cooks faster than the oven. I wouldn't pay $160.00 for one, but if you come across one at a yard sale or flea market like I did, it's worth it. You also need a lot of space to store one and it's accessories. It doesn't make as much mess as I thought it would. I thought it would be hard to clean but it's not. I did learn to line the pan with tin foil, so most of the mess is tossed.


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