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Friday, February 06, 2009

Ideas For Valentine's Day

Last year's ideas for decorating for Valentine's Day...

Here is my post on the history of Valentine's Day...

Here are some ideas for this year that I found on the Internet!

Valentine's Day Is Coming Up!

Love reckons not by time-
its May days of delight
Are swifter than the falling stars
that pass beyond our sight.

Love reckons not by time-
its moments of despair
Are years that march like prisoners,
who drag the chains they wear.

Love counts not by the sun-
it hath no night or day-
'Tis only light when love is near-
'tis dark with love away.

Love hath no measurements
of height, or depth, or space,
But yet within a little grave
it oft hath found a place.

Love is its own best law-
its wrongs seek no redress;
Love is forgiveness-
and it only knoweth how to bless.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Brave

This is Pickett's Charge, 7/3/1863, Gettysburg. At this moment do you really think it was about slavery? Slavery was a terrible, horrible evil that the United States paid dearly for, especially the South. The way they were treated is unconscionable and we deserved punishment for it (North and South). It was one of the reasons for the Civil War. But the only, all-encompassing reason for the Civil War was the tyranny of the federal government used by the Northern states against the Southern states. Who was sovereign, federal or state? According to the Constitution it was the state. It was a revolution just like the American revolution against the tyranny of England. The South was invaded by an enemy. War was forced on us which is why we call it the War of Northern Aggression. This is what these men fought and died for. This is why they walked across this field into certain death. This is why we commemorate their bravery and courage. Most of them had convictions, not slaves. They had pride of country and kin. They did what they felt they had to do. And they deserve honor and to be remembered which is why Stan is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and I'm a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. These organizations are not racist but are history preserving organizations.

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