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Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday! Here are my Christmas decorations:

Jenny, Kyle and Brett stayed with us and I put up Aunt Ruth's ceramic Christmas tree. Jenny put Brett's Santa Claus under the ceramic tree.

On December 23, Kenny, Stan and Ronnie put together Logan's trampoline. Of course, they didn't think how they were going to get it from our house to Kenny's! On Christmas Eve, Luke helped them take it partially apart and they loaded it on a trailer and carried it over to Kenny's house. Then they put it back together.

On Christmas Eve, I gave Stan his flat screen TV and DVD player for his room and he gave me the 55-200mm Zoom lens I'd wanted for my camera! Perfect gifts for each of us! He put his TV and DVD player together and it works great. Later, while the guys were taking care of Logan's trampoline, I visited with Jenny, Brett, Hannah, and Elaine at Elaine's house. Here are Elaine's decorations:

Here we are visiting and playing with Brett:

Brett with his beautiful Aunt Hannah!

This little oak rocker was given to my Mother when she was Brett's age, over 70 yrs ago. Now, here is her little great grandbaby rocking in it.

Hannah looks wonderful in this color!

Playing with Granddaddy Pickle's lamp collection:

About 5:00pm, we went to Peggy's for the Harris Christmas Eve party:

Every Christmas, Peggy always had little toy bags for the kids to give them a present to open early. This helped them wait on the rest of the presents and gave them something to do. These little care bags are a tradition. Now, only Logan and Brett are little and get the care bags. Here is Brett opening his...he virtually crawled into his bag!

And here is Logan opening his bag!

What a smile!

Evans looking handsome these days.


Katie looked so cute in this black, white and red sweater!

Logan gets a skateboard.

Brett hums and Elaine gently bops his mouth to make a funny noise. He loved that!

Kyle is a great daddy!

Brett is riding the horsey on Mommy's lap!

Brett likes this stuffed toy.

He wanted to curl up with it and take a nap.

Ah, yes, he finally gets his nap with Grommy!

I take my turn holding him!

Kyle brought a Yahtzee game for the older kids to play. They had a great time learning how to play it.

Christmas morning we had breakfast at our house. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy hostessing.

Jenny putting together one of Brett's Santa Claus gifts.


But then we went to Mom's house to get together with James, Alex, Glenn and Janis and their families. Dad had made us some really unique and beautiful bird houses. Mom had got all us girls some really nice leather hand/computer bags. I will really put mine to good use!


Lee was all spiffy in his new Christmas clothes and shoes!

Michael Reese got there earlier than his parents. By this time I was in so much pain and feeling so bad that I left early and didn't get to be there when Glen and Janis came. But it was nice to talk to my cousin, Michael!

Alex and Melinda


One of the bird houses Dad made. I'm just in awe of them! Mine is not going outside!

Brett seemed to really like the tractor that Melinda & Mike gave him.

Alex is stylin' in his new shoes!

Luke and Hannah


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