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Friday, November 06, 2009

Runaway Devil by Robert Remington & Sherri Zickefoose

Runaway Devil by Robert Remington And Sherri Zickefoose

This is an easy to read book on the disturbing and brutal murder of a family. The Richardson family lived in Medicine Hat, Canada.

The perfect statistical family with father, mother, daughter, son - living the middle class life that most people dream of.

But their daughter, Jasmine Richardson, began changing just before her 12th birthday. Not even a teenager yet, she started rebelling against her parents. As good parents should, they loved her anyway and tried to protect her from her very bad decisions.

She matured early and began hanging out with some Goth misfits at school and the local mall. She met 23 yr old Jeremy Steinke, a fellow Goth, who was as immature as a 12 yr old despite his age. Naturally her parents began to worry about her strange behavior, her fascination with evil and her relationship with older men, especially Jeremy. She was becoming every parent's nightmare and despite all they could do, she found ways around them to continue her absurd behavior and to get deeper and deeper into trouble. She decided that her family were the ones keeping her from having freedom with Jeremy to do anything she wanted to do. Instead of running away, she decided they had to die or they would never let her go. They would follow her and try to drag her back. Her rage continued to build and she and Jeremy fantasized about all the ways to kill them and torture them. Soon she was begging Jeremy to help her kill them. He had to get drunk and stoned on beer, wine, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine in order to prepare himself. On the other hand, Jasmine was sober. Jeremy knifed her mother and father in a fight to the death while she apparently tried to strangle her 8 yr old brother and then slit his throat. Jasmine was only 12 yrs old when they did this.

This book looks into the details of this murder and how bizarre it was considering all the circumstances. It follows the life of the Richardson family and Jeremy Steinke's family. It takes us through the trial and sentencing. I couldn't put the book down. It's very disturbing.

I will make one comment. This is not to disrespect the Richardson family as it seems they were good people and showed a lot of love. I do not say this to blame the parents. But one thing that the authors mentioned was that the father was Catholic and the children attended Catholic school and the mother was into New Age practices. I think it is important for children to be raised by parents that are in harmony spiritually and are devoted Christians. There is no telling what Jasmine was subjected to spiritually. As a Christian, the Bible tells us that satan and his demons are liars and flatterers. They can dress up as benign, even benevolent, spirits in order to trick people. They will give enough truth to hook the person and get them obsessed with whatever woo-woo crap that has their attention. Jasmine herself claimed to be a Wiccan. She was walking around with no spiritual roots to give her stability. But, I also personally know people who grew up with wonderful families who were devout, real Christians and yet they had a child who fell into sin and lived terrible lives. I know that we all are ultimately responsible for our own actions and human beings can justify any behavior with some real twisted thinking. It was amazing how blind she and Jeremy were. They constantly talked about hate, killing, bloodletting, fantasizing on how to kill in the most torturing way, writing songs and poems about killing. Their hearts were filled with hate for her family, obsessed with it. They continually lied and deceived her family in order to "be together". And, yet, in their writings, they accuse others of "hatred, deceit and lies".

Jeremy writes, in his poem, The World :
"...The earth can burn,
To hear them all scream I yearn,
Their blood should be spilled,
For some of them my heart they killed,
But it is not that for which I wished they'd die,
Bur for this planet being filled with hatred, deceit and lies!"

Um, I mean...look who's talking! He wants to kill, torture, burn, hear them scream because the world is "filled with hatred, deceit and lies"? Who is filling the earth with hatred, brutality, lies, cruelty, horror? In this case, it was Jeremy and Jasmine. They created their world of horror. But they want to blame others. Satan has them right in his hands and he's loving it. But Jesus Christ can save them. They aren't lost until their last breath. They have a chance to experience forgiveness by God and be set free from their bondage to sin and evil. There are still consequences to their sin that they have to live with but they can go into eternity saved and entering heaven. I pray for them to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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