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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Persephone Broke Her Other Front Leg

Little Persephone broke her other front leg last week. I was coming in on Tuesday afternoon and the dogs heard me (they are relegated to the Master bedroom suite). They always get so excited when I come home and I heard a THUMP and a scream and I knew Sephy had broken her leg. I had to take her to our Vet to get it soft wrapped and some pain medicine in order to be stabilized until I took her to the Upstate Animal Specialists in Greenville on Wednesday morning. They did the surgery and put in a metal plate and 6 screws (just like they did on her other front leg). This is an expensive process and needless to say, after 4 broke legs between my 3 Italian Greyhounds, it's been difficult. This is the most common health problem with this breed. Those long legs are the size of pencils and they don't have a lot of muscle to stabilize the legs. I've been real careful with their weight and their environment. Persphone is not allowed to go outside for more than a few minutes because she broke her leg outside last time. This time she must have got bumped off the bed in all the excitement. I don't have carpet because of the dogs and I've lowered the bed as much as I can. I've tried ramps, placing dog beds around my bed, etc. Nothing has worked. I did put a coffee table at the foot of my bed and a cedar chest beside my bed on Saturday. I covered them with rubber backed rugs. Maybe this will work. But, if you are interested in owning these beautiful, sweet, docile, loving, dependent, wonderful dogs...be prepared to be able to afford broken legs. So far this one has only cost $2100.00. Last time it happened over a weekend which meant Emergency Vet and 2 nights with the specialist and ended up costing $2,800.00. And that is here, it is probably more expensive in places with higher standards of living. I've asked about alternatives that are less expensive but have been told that there really isn't any with this breed. A normal dog can have a cast and let it heal itself. But Iggies don't have enough soft tissue around the legs to promote normal healing. And their skin is very thin and delicate (like peach skin) and can rub sores which are as dangerous and can be as hard to heal as the break because the sore is immediately to the bone. Removing the leg is as expensive and leaves them to trust in 3 delicate legs instead of 4 giving a 25% percent more chance of breaking one of the remaining 3 legs. Putting her down is really not an option for just a broken leg. She has 100% prognosis of being completely normal after 8 weeks so it's not like a terminal illness. So we do what we have to do. She's only 7 years old and in good heatlh.

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