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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Dogs On A Sunny Fall Day

Today the weather was so beautiful that I got out my camera and followed the dogs outside. I took these wonderful photos. When I was through I picked Persephone up and had her in one hand and my camera in another and started back to the house when I stepped in a hole. I threw camera and Persephone up in the air as I fell and landed on my hands. I thought I had sprained my ankle but I crawled to the fence and pulled myself up and was able to put weight on it. So it's OK but I'm bruised. My bad shoulders took the brunt of my fall and my back twisted so I'm stiff and hurting. Persephone landed on soft, moist ground so she didn't get hurt (THANK GOD!) and my camera still works. It could have been a lot worse! Thank You Jesus that it wasn't!

But here are the photos I got:

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