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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas

How about scarves, hats, gloves? You can crochet, knit or sew-free fleece. Just do a Google search and look for directions.

Make a "spa" basket filled with some soap (you can make soap or buy nice soaps cheaply at Ross), a loofah, bath crystals (you can make with epsom salts and some fragrance oils), a candle (you can make candles), and a book of meditations such as Daily devotions.

Make a "tea" box filled with a nice cup & saucer (be on the lookout during yard sale season and at thrift stores), a box of specialty teas (good prices at Ross and Marshalls), make some cookies and include with a little tea towel or cloth napkin.

Make some jar gifts: bean soup in a jar, cookie mix in a jar, flavored rice in a jar, etc. Just do a Google search and get some ideas and recipes for gifts in a jar.

A picture box tailored to a child’s interests. If that preteen you know is a football fan, track down news stories about his favorite players (hopefully cheerful stories), and add in pictures and scenes from memorable games. Laminate them. Decorate the box according to the theme.

If you can sew, how about using scraps to make soft toys for the children on your list. Teddy bears, rabbits, dogs, sock monkeys, etc. Teddy bears made of old chenille or vintage fabrics or soft plush are even great for the adults!

Buy a cheap but pretty calendar and add dates for family birthdays and anniversaries. Add little sayings of encouragement throughout the year. Add some stickers or even thumbnail photos you print yourself.

Buy a spiral scrapbook (at any craft store or even Walmart in the craft section) and make a book just for an interest that your person has. For instance, if you know your person is a gardener, make a garden book. Clip some interesting articles from gardening magazines, print some from the computer, add some gardening quotes and leave plenty of room for them to use it for themselves (for documenting their own yard and garden ideas, drawing landscape ideas, etc). Or make an exercise book. Add some photos of your person at their aerobics class, look for articles or directions on how to do strategic exercises, add some low fat and healthy recipes and some encouragement quotes. Make a page where they can document their weight loss and inches loss. Leave them room to document their exercise regimen and their success rate.

I found this website that is all about gift giving and has some wonderful ideas for children and adults. Take your time here and bookmark it to return to it many times!!!

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