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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dog Names

I collect unusual dog names. You might expect that from someone who named her dog "Capodimonte". But I can't stand to see a poor dog named "Blacky", "Whitey", "Brownie", "Spot", "Socks", etc. I like it to stand out. The more unusual the better!

Here are some of the names I've collected:

Diddly Dee and/or Diddly Do

Hermione (pronounced Herm-Eye-oh-nee)

Calliope (pronounced Cal-Eye-oh-pee) These two names would be great for a pair of female English Bulldogs!

Professor Hemisphere (for a very large dog)

Q-tip (for a white dog)

Mephistopheles (for a trained attack dog, pronounced Meph-is-TAH-fa-lees, "Fleas" for short, the devil's name in Faust's poem about a scholar who wagers his soul against the devil by Goethe)



Sueda (pronounce Sue-ai-dah)

Rikki Tikki Tavi

Al Bino (for a white or albino dog)

Al K. Seltzer



Owie Feltersnatch



Pickwick (Charles Dickens character)

Hedda Hare

Wackford Squeers (Charles Dickens character)

Little Lord Fauntleroy (a character in an 1886 book by Frances Hodgeson Burnett and a 1936 film)

Gilchrist Peabody

Admiral Von Snugglesworth

Frankenberry (General Mills cereal)

Stegosaurus (dinosaur, for a really big dog)

Troglodyte (dinosaur, another really big dog)

Rob Roy (President Calvin Coolidge's White Collie)

Lollie Pop

Faux Pas (French for a mistake, good name for a mutt)

Mr. Bumbles

Missy Priss

Mr. Dogsbody

Bullwinkle (call him Winkles, The Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon was popular in the 1960's)

Sir Parcival

Pokey the Puppy (for a Beagle)


His Nibs

Grimmy (Mother Goose and Grim cartoon by Mike Peters)

Muttley (a Hannah Barbera cartoon character)

Asta (Nick and Nora Charles' wire haired Fox Terrier in the Thin Man series of old movies)

Mr. Magoo (a blind cartoon character created at the UPA animation studio, later a movie starring Leslie Nielsen, good for a blind dog)



My Kinda Dog


Pop-A-Cork (call him Corky, great for Beagle)

Avenger (a team of superheros in Marvel Comics, also a TV series which spun off the comics, for a fierce guard dog)

Luger (gun, for a fierce guard dog)

Braveheart (a Mel Gibson film based on William Wallace, good for a Great Dane)

Bamm-Bamm (Barney and Betty's baby boy on the Flintstones)

Gidget (a cute blonde teenager in the old movies starring Sandra Dee)


Fibber McGee (classic radio program)

Toot Your Horn (call him Toot)

Pocket Rocket

Asimov (Isaac Asimov was an American writer of science fiction)

Archimedes (A Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor)

Laddy Boy (President Warren G. Harding's Airedale)

Prudence Prim (President Calvin Coolidge's White Collie)

Blotto (an old cartoon character by Gene Ahern)

Rebel Rouser

Fala (President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Scottish Terrier)


Chatter Box or Chatty Cathy

Hyacinth Bucket (from the British comedy, Keeping Up Appearances. Hyacinth insists it is pronounce like Bouquet. The other sisters are Daisy, Rose and Violet)

Arabesque (great for a graceful dog like a Borzoi)


Gromit (British claymation dog, Wallace and Gromit)

Nermal (Garfield's friend)

Hong Kong Phooey (a Hannah Barbera cartoon character of a dog)


The Great Gazoo (for a little pocket pooch with disdain, a cartoon character on the Flintstones)

Sasquatch (for a great big dog)

Clem Kadiddlehopper (a funny character played by Red Skelton and good for a Bloodhound)

Cletus Vitullius (good for a Bluetick Hound)

Beaker (a muppets character)

Bartles and Jaymes (company produces a malt beverage and a wine cooler)


Eyeore (for a sad eyed spaniel, a Winnie the Pooh character)

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (famous author, P.G. Wodehouse)

Snodsbury (P.G. Wodehouse character)

Steeple Bumpleigh (P.G. Wodehouse character)

Fotheringay-Phipps (P.G. Wodehouse character)

Gussie Fink-Nottle (P.G. Wodehouse character)

Podsnap (Charles Dickens character)

Sweedlepipe (Charles Dickens character)

Throckmorton Philharmonica Gildersleeve (classic radio show)



Rumpelstilstskin (fairy tale)

Lalique (another graceful name, a crystal and porcelain company)

Mignon (French for dainty, cute, sweet)


Wines: Pinot, Merlot, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Reisling, etc

Talulah Bankhead (old movie star)



Plantagenet (for a kingly beast)

Merovingian (for a kingly beast)

Tipperary (Irish county)

Madrigal (for a singing dog)


Aloysius Ignatius

Rochester (black valet to Jack Benny, hilarious character)

Dash Riprock (a playboy on the Beverly Hillbillies)

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