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Monday, August 03, 2009

Your Entrance

In America, thank God, there aren't as many situations that are this bad any more!

In the older days people lived in shacks, log cabins, sod huts, crowded apartments in tenement buildings. In much of the world people still live in huts, tents, garbage heaps. But, for most of us in America, we have decent shelter and good homes. And, for that, we should thank God!!!!

You have a front door, an entrance. How can you make that entrance inviting, attractive? You want it to give a good impression. As you come home you want it to feel good, embracing and functional. As guests arrive you want them to get a good impression. For some people they merely have the door and a place to hang your coat and for others you have a palatial entrance hall. Many of us fall somewhere in the middle. I culled the Internet for pictures of entrances, entryways, and front doors to get photos of attractive ways to make your entrance what you want. I tried to include a good variety.

Even if all you do is keep the front door clean, you can do that. In fact, that is the place to start. It doesn't have to look grimey. Keep it wiped clean and the paint fresh (don't use flat paint on doors and windows because you can't wipe it clean). Keep the brass looking nice or replace it. Keep any light fixtures (outside and inside) clean with working light bulbs. Have a clean matt at the door. Add a wreath or other decoration. If that is all you can do, so be it. It still looks nice. And, remember, if you have shelter and a front door, you are way ahead of many homeless people in the world so say a prayer of thanks to God.

Remember, you can get away with almost any decor as long as you keep it clean and clutter picked up.

Look at these photos in detail. Notice the floors and floor coverings, the walls, the molding, some even have decorated ceilings. Then pick out the furnishings and how they are arranged. Lastly, look for the accessories and how they are arranged. Pay attention to the pictures or lack thereof on the walls. This is the way to get ideas for your home.

Here are the pictures:

Here is our entrance hall. We are very interested in Civil War history so we have a lot of Civil War prints in our home. The flag was flown over the SC Capitol building on the last day before they quit flying it over the capitol and moved it to a memorial on the capitol grounds. My uncle is a state Senator and he got me the flag and we had it framed with it's authenticity. The wallpaper is a cream damask. We replaced the old floor covering with slate. The horseshoe rack under the table was made by my Dad for umbrellas. The mailbox was painted by his sister before she died so it means a lot to us too. I fill it with seasonal flowers like poinsettas for Christmas, tulips for Spring, etc.

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