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Friday, August 07, 2009

Mud Rooms

Mud rooms are popular in modern homes. Depending on how you need to use it is how big you need to make your mud room. It could be as simple as a staging area by the back door or a whole separate room. We live in SC and rarely need heavy snow coats, snow boots, etc. We don't have teens that are involved in lots of sports or activities in which we need to organize equipment. Our dogs are small so we don't need a dog shower, etc. So we have a coat closet and then a staging area by the door where I keep all the stuff I need to take with me like my purse, keys, camera, laptop, sunglasses, out mail basket, etc.

But there are plenty of you that need a mudroom to catch all those boots, tennis shoes, ballet slippers, heavy coats, tutus, piano music books, back packs, etc. I scoured the Internet to find some mud room ideas. Everthing from mudroom cubbies, closets, lockers, baskets, etc. I tried to find something for everyone from small to large, cheap to expensive.

Combining a mudroom with a laundry room. I like the mirror by the door for last minute checks.

A simple staging area.

This mudroom is too "decorated" so we know it's not used.

A mudroom closet

A coat closet made into a mudroom cubby.

Notice the dog shower in the corner? I also like the cabinet doors so that all the clutter is "behind closed doors"

Notice the shelves for the helmets around the ceiling and the shelves for the sunglasses!

I wonder if they can open the locker doors with that pillow on top. I think I would leave that off. It's not really wide enough to sit on anyway.

Another mudroom closet

This is one of my favorites.

I love how the closets make the lockers. Keeps the clutter out of sight and is very chic.

Lighting the cubbies (or lockers) is a good idea.

Here is a dog shower/tub but it also makes a great place to clean your feet when you come in from working in the yard or to rinse off after the pool.

I can imagine needing something this large when you have skis and bulky winter outergarments.

This simple bench looks like it's made out of recycled barn wood.

These are functional but, I swear, they look like old fashioned potties! LOL!

A mudroom closet

Curtains are another way to hide the clutter of the cubbies.

1 comment:

jane said...

I'd like to say a BIG THANKYOU for your HARD WORK in helping people get organized.
My husband and I are going to build a house in the near future and need to plan for a wheelchair. I've decided to combine some of the ideas to suit ME and give me more independence around the home. I have a very talented husband who can build pretty much anything for me and to make BOTH our lives more comfortable. I have certainly LEARNED A LOT.

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