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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jig Saw Puzzles

I enjoy putting together a jig saw puzzle but it always seemed like a lot of work just to pull it back apart and dump it back in it's box. My Papa and Grandma were the first ones I knew of to glue a puzzle together and have it framed.

Now the problem is where to put a framed puzzle since most of my walls already have pictures on them.

But here are some jig saw puzzle ideas:

While you are putting a puzzle together, it takes time. What do you do with it until you've finished. It takes up all your table space. What about a box?

You can even buy nested puzzle boxes so you can organize your pieces by sky, greenery, image and edges and they nest into the biggest box that holds the entire puzzle. I thought that was a great idea!

Here, you can roll your puzzle and pieces up.

And here is a puzzle portfolio.

This board is a good idea and even has a glass you clip on top to keep it from getting messed up.

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Donna Marth said...

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The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

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