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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Do You Organize Your Board Games & Puzzles?

I just wondered if there were any good ideas on how to store board games. Some people break them out of their original boxes and some people feel strongly that they have to keep the original boxes. I saw 2 basic reasons why they like to keep the original boxes...for value if you go to re-sell the games/puzzles in the future and the boxes have nostalgic feelings for them. Everyone recognizes the Monopoly box and they associate feelings with that. I was surprised to find out how many people play and collect board games. Growing up, we had a pack of cards, a pack of Uno cards, Monopoly, Checkers, Chinese checkers and Scrabble. We had some other games given as gifts but we didn't keep them over a long period of time like we did the games I mentioned. But adults/kids nowadays have tons of board games to choose from and it can take some organizing. Here are some ideas for your board games:

Some of the boards are so graphic that they can be stored on the wall!

Notice how the Forty Niners box is used like a shelf.

This bank of drawers store a lot of games and puzzles.

Open shelving is a good way to store games/puzzles. But it also allows them to get dusty and it can be a job to keep them from getting dusty. Also, these are stored one on top of the other. This means if you want the one on the bottom of the stack you have to try and pry it out.

Each drawer holds a different game.

Using plastic compartmentalized boxes to hold game pieces. One woman suggested looking for a box that holds the board, as well as, the pieces and rules in order to keep them all together.

In this closet, you have the shelving but they are behind closed doors which should help keep the dust down. They are also stacked vertically so that you can easily slip a box out. Much like books.

This shelf is a good way to store the games but if you use the games, it would be a bear to climb up and juggle a box out from beneath the stack. It's also going to get dusty and would be hard to get up there and dust. I don't know why you would keep board games if you aren't "collecting" them for value or playing them...but if you do, wrap them in a garbage bag or place in plastic boxes and store them in the attic. That will keep them dust free. If you are collecting them for an investment, DON'T store them in plastic and keep the original boxes, boards, rules and pieces in immaculate condition.

This looks like it might be a desk area in a family room. They evidently don't need the area for an office so it is a good way to organize and store their games. Again, it's open shelving and can get dusty and what a pain to dust all those boxes.

Games are a great way to interact with others. It draws families together and exercises the mind. Children can learn a lot with games. It's a good way to get guests involved at a party. The only caution I give is to keep your competitive streak in check. Some people are so competitive that they make themselvs and others miserable and are ugly losers. Competitive children can pitch fits when they don't win and there can be attempts to cheat. Use game playing to teach your children how to be a good sport, to enjoy winning but to be happy for others when they win. You can learn some life lessons with the old board games!

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