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Monday, July 20, 2009

Organizing Your Mail

How do you handle your mail?

We bring the mail in. Usually it ends up on the kitchen counter and I'm always having to gather it up before I cook and take it to the study and put it on the desk until I can get around to it.

No more! I'm going to get a handle on the mail! I have these wonderful vintage wire baskets. Today I labeled them. I instructed my husband to bring the mail in and put it in the "Mail In" basket and his receipts go in the "Scan" basket. I also have a basket labeled for "Bills" and the last one is labeled "File".

I have my shredder and waste basket handy and you should too. Have a central place to catch your mail. Then go through it at least once a week. This is my routine:
* Shred junk that has personal info on it
* Throw away or Recycle junk that isn't sensitive.
* Make stacks (for me, it's a stack for filing genealogy, receipts, statements, bills, To Do, etc)
* I download my transactions to my Quicken financial software and then I reconcile my bank and loan/credit card statements.
* Now I pay my bills and make any Date Pd/Confirmation notations on the actual bills/invoices/statements.
* I'm trying to scan this year so I can go "paperless". So I'm scanning in all receipts, statements, bills, etc I have set up some organizing folders on my hard drive and store these electronically instead of filing hardcopy paper in a filing cabinet. So now I scan all everything in my computer and save them in the folders on my hard drive. I will make a copy on disk at the end of the year.
* Then I attach the scans to the transactions in my Quicken.
* Now I shred all the paper that I scanned. Oooohhhh, this is the hard part! I was taught to save all documentation and keep it filed and easy to find. But I have to tell myself that I have it saved and organized, just electronically and it can be re-printed if I need it so I'm making myself throw it away.

Here are some photos of mail organizers that I found with a Google image search. You need a routine for sorting your mail. You may just need an "In" and "Out" spot or maybe you need baskets for each person in your household, etc.

The first one is a cute handmade pocket hanger!

This old shutter is re-used for mail!

Taking this old piece of furniture, this person painted it and re-vamped it as a way station. Keeping your keys, purse, phones, stamps, mail, change, all in one place and the doors close so it doesn't look cluttered.

Using a vintage bird cage to corral your mail is a good idea.

This person used a pot lid wall rack to organize their mail.

This idea gives a new use for old vinyl records.

For more on organizing your home office check out these posts: http://sharonscrapbook.blogspot.com/2010/03/filing-system-for-home-offices.html

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