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Monday, July 13, 2009

Organize Your Clothes

Do you organize your clothes? There are lots of ways to organize your clothes whether it's drawers or closets or cabinets. It greatly depends on your space!

The first thing to ask yourself is how many clothes do I realistically need? Some people actually hoard clothes and refuse to get rid of any clothes they have ever had. Or they collect clothes much as someone collects trains, automobiles, matchbooks or 1950's memorabilia. It doesn't matter so much if they ever wear them, it's important to them that they own them. You may think this doesn't make much sense but how much sense does it make to collect sports memorabilia, drink coasters, guns or wine. In fact, in many collections (like Barbies) it is important never to use the item or even open the boxes. Others just can't pass a "bargain" even if they don't need it. So, to each his own.

But ask yourself why you have so many clothes and recognize what drives you to have what you have and how important it is. Sort through every piece of clothing and ask yourself, "Why do I have this? Will I wear it? Is it comfortable and attractive on me? Does it fit my normal style?"

Here are some rules you can use to determine whether to toss, give to charity, keep, store:

* If it's old, grimy, has holes, rips, tears, paint drops, stains, faded, pilled, the material is pulled out of shape...Toss in the trash! Only keep a couple of messy outfits for those days you work in the yard or paint a room. Tell yourself that, at least you got your money's worth and forgive yourself as you make yourself THROW IT AWAY!

*If it doesn't fit any more, then ask yourself if you will realistically be back in that size again soon. If you've put on weight or lost weight then this is a reasonable question to ask. Are you good at losing weight, do you fluctuate 5-10 lbs easily, are you pregnant, etc.? If you do realistically anticipate a weight gain or lost in the very near future then put these clothes in a separate pile. But remember, styles come and go and if you don't think you will need them for a year or more, it's time to give them to charity.

*If it was never comfortable, then give it to charity. Everybody has bought something that turned out to bug the hound out of you for some reason or other. Maybe it's too short, the skirt is too tight for you to walk, the sleeves aren't quite long enough, the neck is too constricting, the heels are too high, the shoes kill your feet. Give it to charity. Learn a lesson...don't waste money on stuff you aren't too sure about.

*As you sort you may find that you have more than one of something. For instance you have 3 black suit jackets, or 10 floral skirts, or 6 yellow tanks. You have to make some decisions...how many do I really need? If I wore a floral skirt every day for a week, I still couldn't wear all 10 in a week. Plus, you probably have a washer/dryer so you can wash what you wear. You don't want to wear yellow tank tops everyday so you don't need 6. Go through them and determine the best of them and keep only as many as you REALLY NEED. Set all others to the side to give away. Make yourself give it away. And learn a lesson...don't waste money on stuff you may already have. Keep it organized so you know what you have and this wont' happen again.

*If you have items that are sorely out of style or it no longer fits YOUR style, then it's time to give it to charity. Some things don't really go out of style but some are very in or out of style. Highly padded shoulders, severely low waisted or severely high waisted pants, very chunky shoes or severely pointed toe pumps...these are examples of something that is in style one season but out by the next year. Styles seem to either stick around like glue or they come and go within weeks and don't come back for 30 years. I keep waiting for the boy's big pants pulled under their butts to go out of style but they've stayed in style for 10 yrs now and they still can't walk for their pants. They've deliberately handicapped themselves and can't walk but they wear them. On the other hand, women have handicapped themselves by wearing such high stiletto heels and this has been a fashion for about 5 yrs now. Same with the super low waisted blue jeans that show the butt crack every time you bend over or the super short skirts that make them unable to bend or squat without a free show. But examples of things that have come and gone quickly are the toe socks, wearing fleece lined boots with shorts in the summer, or poet blouses. So if you have stuff that is out of style or they aren't appropriate outfits then it's time to get rid of them. There are some things that women my age shouldn't wear, some things (whether in fashion or not) we just grow up and shouldn't be wearing. I would look silly and inappropriate if I wore tight, low riders with a short top showing my stomach. I don't like it on teenage girls but especially not on a woman much less a mature woman. I'm not a teeny bopper anymore and I need to find things that are age appropriate. This doesn't mean we have to wear old lady clothes. Just find clothes that you like but are age appropriate. Learn a lesson...buy things that don't go out of style so quickly. Wear the hound out of them and you've saved a lot of money over the years. Don't invest much in styles that are here today but gone tomorrow. And be realistic about what is appropriate to wear in your lifestyle. If you work at Hooters then those hot pant shorts are what you need. If you spend most of your time at school where you can't wear hot pant shorts (the super short shorts) you don't need to waste money on having them. If you are overweight, you definitely don't want to have any. If you are over 22 you've aged out of them. So look at your lifestyle, how old you are, your weight and figure, what you spend most of your time doing and make some decisions about what is appropriate. Then don't waste money on buying inappropriate stuff. My sister works at a church so low cut blouses and short skirts are out. All 3 of the sisters work a lot with dogs so we need blue jeans and t-shirts for that kind of work. If you are a lifeguard then comfortable swimsuits are a must. So you will have more than I do since I swim maybe once in a gazillion years! As you see, there are lots of different needs and lifestyles that require different stuff. So look at your lifestyle and make decisions on what is necessary and appropriate for you.

While the closet and drawers are empty, it's a good time to clean them, paint or re-paper them. Vacuum them out, wipe the shelves and drawers. Purchase decent hangers, sachets and organizers. Wire hangers are terrible for your clothes, they wrinkle them. Overstuffing your closet also makes wrinkles.

Once you've sorted through the clothes and purged it's time to decide how you want to organize them. You should be down to what you wear on a regular basis. Now here is where you decide how you want to organize depending on your space. If you don't have enough space to accomodate your winter AND summer clothes, then you need to divide summer from winter and decide on how you want to store those out-of-season clothes.

Here is a look at my closet:

By color

Here are some ideas for storing out-of-season clothes:

Wicker chests

Vintage suitcases

Now you decide to organize in a way that makes sense to you. Do you want to organize according to colors?

By the way, if this is a real closet I think we can safely say this person has too many clothes!

Or do you want like thinks together like all the tank tops together, all your slacks together, all your tshirts together?

Maybe you want to store outfits together?

If you store outfits together you could use these hangers to hold your blouse, jacket and skirt on the same hanger.

How about dividing the clothes between work or school/night life/church/leisure?

Here are some ideas on storing smaller things in chest of drawers.

Notice how this person used ziploc bags?

A good idea for children's clothes. Put their outfits together and put them in labeled containers like this.

To see more on organizing closets and cleaning closets:



If you are interested in how to organize and decorate your laundry room:


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