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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Luke's 23rd Birthday Party

Pirate Party!

For Luke's 23rd birthday Elaine and Ronnie hosted a Pirate Party! Jenny planned and decorated for it. Elaine made the birthday cakes and Ronnie grilled hot dogs and made baked beans.



Jenny and Brett get into the spirit of the party!



Peggy's friend, Bill

Brett didn't seem to be feeling so well yesterday. He may be getting a tooth. Here is his Great Grandmother soothing him.

Hannah and her mother and brother

Hannah's father is on the left





Hannah is going to be a great mother. Brett loves her.

Luke, Logan and Angie

Brett was fussy so his Grandfather, Ronnie aka Pickles, gives him some ice cream.

Brett likes it so much that he grabs the spoon!

"Oh yummmmmmm!"

Jenny would rather he eat carrots. But when she moves in and gives him a spoonful of carrots after that sweet, yummy ice cream he doesn't like it!

What a face!

"No, no, no Mommy! I want ice cream! Yuck!"


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