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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Wanted - a church home where Jesus Christ is believed and preached as the only way to salvation, the Word is trusted as inerrant, mercy is extended and the priesthood of the believer is respected. Where the Holy Spirit is welcome and not treated as an unruly toddler that man must control. Praise and worship unrestricted and natural, not hyped up, dumbed down to dry leaves, or rated according to entertainment value. Sincerity, transparency, honesty, humility is essential in the leadership. No corporate mega-churches need apply. Prayer is a non-negotiable. Fellowship is a plus! Contact us at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

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Wirtzy said...

Ever tried a Calvary Chapel? I don't know where you are from but I have attended a few across the country from the little (less than 100 people) to the large (over 10k CCFTL) and the one thing I love is the consistency in the teaching. Book by book chapter by chapter verse by verse & without that churchy religion but just a genuine desire to teach & reach the world for Christ.

I know this reply may seem a few years too late but figuring God's timing isn't our own I thought I'd post. You never know who needs it. You can find one near you here: http://calvarychapel.com/
Best of all.... no membership required.
Ok maybe not best of all but certainly a good way to go when its not about the building.

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