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Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Parents

Here are my parents in 1962. Elaine was a baby and I was about 3 yrs old when we went to visit Mom's parents in SC. Dad was a TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) Engineer and we were living in TN so it was a long drive. Here they are in the kitchen. Looks like Mom is about to make slaw to go with that Boston Butt roast.

Look at the surroundings. Behind Dad is the chimney for the woodstove. You can just see the round stove pipe cover. There is a washing machine there now, close to the sink. The new electric stove is behind mother. The cabinets are the old metal ones. There is the vintage tableclothe (although it wasn't "vintage" back then). My Grandmother still had that Jadeite swirl bowl (you can just see it on the table) when she died in 1984. I wonder what the little bottle with the nipple on it is for. Too small to be a baby bottle, isn't it?

My Dad is 6'3" and was very skinny. His crewcut was the fashion back then. I like his thin belt. Mom was wearing the "bowling shirt" that was fashionable then.

Here is Mom's mother, my Grandmoter, Geneva "Ginnie" Margaret Lamb Reese in her kitchen. I don't know if she is looking up a recipe or reading her Bible. Her husband was a Baptist Minister and this house was the parsonage. Anyway, if you look behind her you see the porcelain kitchen sink and the window with the old timey metal blinds. Isn't it funny that we've gone back to large blinds today? I notice how her knives are neatly organized over the sin, her dish towel is drying and her dish drain doesn't have any drying dishes...she's wiped them all dry and put them away. My Grandmother was very particular about things being clean. I probably get that from her. I'm more organized than she was but I'm a cleaner like she was.

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