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Monday, June 08, 2009

Lucrezia Borgia And The Mother Of Poisons by Roberta Gellis

Lucrezia Borgias And The Mother of Poisons by Roberta Gellis

Lucrezia is married to Alfonso d'Este, the Duke of Ferrara, or poisoning one of her Ladies In Waiting, Bianco Tedaldo. She married and left her homeland to get away from the rumours of being incestuous and a poisoner, but now her own husband accuses her of poisoning Bianca. Afraid of being trapped in the same situation that she had fled Rome to get away from, she decides to solve the mystery of Tedaldo's murder. She has two faithful Ladies-In-Waiting, Angela Borgia (her cousin) and Nicola l Sienese and her faithful personal servant, Lucia. Having to maneuver within the confines of court politics, Lucrezia is able to find out what happened to Bianca Tedaldo.

A fluff piece. If you like light, feminine mysteries, then this is a good one and can be recommended to anyone 14 and older. There are some slight sexual scenes with her husband. I found it a little too light for my tastes.

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