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Monday, April 13, 2009

Brookgreen Gardens, Myrtle Beach, SC

We love to visit Brookgreen Gardens! Every time, we enjoy it more and more. And I love having the video camera and digital camera to try and capture the beauty! We took the Creek Cruise this time. Then we ate a picnic of deli tavern ham, horseradish cheddar cheese, black pepper and sesame water crackers, pears and merlot. Next a wander down the Nature trail and then we went back to the main part of the gardens and wandered there. They have opened a new "walk beyond the garden wall" that we did. I have to walk slowly so I don't get too tired. I got out of breath a couple of times and started gasping for air but I made myself stop and take long, slow, deep breaths and it restored me and I could go on. I was also constantly taking photos. Stan is used to me by now and he is starting to see things to photograph and point them out to me. I love it when he points out something, "Be sure to get a photo of the azalea blossoms."

Remember you can click on a photograph and see a larger version.

One of my favorite sculptures! It's new since we were last there. A Great Dane watching a fly.

Another favorite is Don Quixote on Rocinante with Sancho Panza and his burro behind him. I loved Don Quixote and I love this statue.

Another favorite!

Waiting for the Creek Cruise.

Creek Cruise

Our picnic! It was so nice that I called Elaine to share it.

The Nature Trail through the slave enclave.

Another favorite

A demo rice field

Now back to the main gardens

I love these guard dogs!

A snapping turtle grabs a duck!

Wouldn't you love to live in a Snow White cottage like this? Halliday Cottage

See the turtles?

As Stan started walking towards them, the turtles plopped in the water and disappeared.

One of a pair of lions daring you to enter their world!

Playing Wolf Hounds, love it!!!!

This is one saucy goat!

Happy baby wants up.

Three happy-go-lucky bears.


I love this baby and rabbit.

This is another favorite one!

The "walk beyond the garden wall"

A Bald Cypress

The reservoir is where the original house stood until it burned down around the turn of the century.

This is such an elegant sculpture!

A very strong statue!

So many try to "create" themselves. This favorite statue reminds me that we are not capable of chiselling ourselves into something wonderful. Only God can create and complete us!

Samson killing the lion...very powerful!

This Madonna and child is fabulous!

The Garden of the Muses

The Muses skip across the water on the back of porpoises.

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