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Monday, March 30, 2009

Greene County,Tennessee - Some Cemeteries In Which Family Are Buried

On Sunday, Dad and I drove up to Greeneville, Greene County, TN to locate some cemeteries with family in them. Thanks to Yahoo Maps we had clear directions to all 3 we were searching for. I was looking for:
The Lamb Cemetery in Limestone Springs on Rollins Chapel Road
The Solomon Lutheran Church Cemetery in Limestone Springs on Cove Creek Road
Beersheba Cemetery in Limestone Springs on Houston Valley Road

We also drove into Greeneville and had lunch at the Brick Oven. Pretty good food and one of the few restaurants (there are some fast foods open) open on a Sunday afternoon. This is one community that still shutters down on Sundays. Good for them! While Spartanburg was bright sun, 60's and windy, Greeneville was gray solid clouds, 43 and very windy which made us freeze at our last stop at Beersheba Cemetery. The town is beautifully situated and quaint. There is the Andrew Johnson home open to the public and the Andrew Johnson Museum.

It's only a tad over 2 hours to get to Greeneville so it's a day trip and the scenery is gorgeous. It's just across the state line so Greene County, TN and Madison County, NC are virtually side by side. Paint Rock, Madison County, NC is parallel to Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN. And the Lambs crossed that line back and forth. Dad and I wondered why it was called Paint Rock. Then we saw some homes built with a colorful block made with hues of blue/green/pink/sand. So maybe they quarried these colorful rocks from Paint Rock? Unfortunately, all the homes with that stone were run down and old so maybe they don't have that colorful rock any more. It could be very striking if used right. If you know, please contact me.

Here is the Lamb Cemetery on Rollins Chapel Rd, Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN.
(Remember you can click on the photos to see a larger photo. This cemetery didn't contain any of our direct ancestors but great-great-great uncles, aunts cousins and such.

Whoever takes care of this cemetery does a good job! I applaud them!

And here I am deep into it! I usually have my camera around my neck but Dad took my picture. I was furiously scribbling in my notebook. (And the laptop in the car! I'm a total geek!) It got pretty cloudy, was very windy and about 43 degrees so I was glad I brought my heavy work coat.

Here is Solomon Lutheran Church at 670 Cove Creek Road, Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN.

The view from the church

Another view from the church

This is where my Great-Great-Great Grandmother is buried, Susannah Ricker Nolen (or Nolin). Beside her is her brother, John K. Ricker Jr.

Here is Beersheba Cemetery, Houston Valley Rd, Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN.

All 3 of these places are beautiful.

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