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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winner Take All by T. Davis Bunn

A Marcus Glenwood novel

Marcus is hired by Dale Steadman, new CEO of New Horizons, to help him locate and regain custody of his 18 mos old daughter. His ex-wife is a temperamental, gorgeous opera diva whose great goal in life is to sing at the NY Met Opera House. She and Dale were seemingly happily married until their daughter was born. Then Erin Brandt had nothing to do with her own child. She left him and left him with the care of the baby. But recently she returned and they had dinner together. He drank too much and they end up back at the home he built for her in Wilmington, NC. He passes out and wakes up with his house on fire and his ex-wife holding their daughter and screaming at him to get out. He barely is able to help them out and then passes out again. When he wakes up she is gone and has their daughter. When he comes to Marcus he has learned that she has gone to Germany and is not intending to give the little girl back.

As Marcus, and his assistant (and love interest), Kirsten, go to work they come against some powerful evil and figuring out who is behind it all makes for some twists. All is right by the end of the book which I always appreciate.

But, I didn't think the book was well written. Occasionally I came across a sentence that didn't make sense or a chapter that left you wondering what was that all about. Those should have been polished up in the editing and wasn't. Also Davis seemed to stereotype the black characters. Almost "nanny"-type characters. I don't mean that the characters were offensively stereotyped. Just one dimensional cardboard backdrops.

I have enjoyed some of his works in the past but I didn't think this one was up to par.

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