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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Humane Society

We have been invited to come every week and take photos and videos of dogs awaiting adoption. We used to do this for our local humane society and we loved it! So we are very excited to have the chance to do this. When we showed up this past Friday, they had the Spartanburg Herald Journal and Gaffney Ledger there to get the story and photos of us. So I guess we will be in the newspaper! How 'bout that!?! I wasn't really dressed for it. I mean, you don't wear your pearls and mink coat to wrangle dogs so I'm just in my jeans and t-shirt and sweater. Thankfully it was a warm day.

This poor Cocker Spaniel came in in this condition. His fur so matted that one of his back legs had become matted to his tummy and he was walking 3 legged. His eyes so gummy. He is really young according to his teeth but he looks old because he is in such bad shape. They did get someone to groom him and they got all those matts off and washed him, but his back leg has atrophied and he still isn't using it. He will need some medical attention and rehabilitation.
Here is Rags before:

And here he is now:

He could make a great comeback and be a beautiful parti colored Cocker Spaniel!
**Update** 2/16/09 A Cocker rescue took him so he is safe!

We think Sugar is a Labrador Retriever/Doberman mix. She has the body of a Lab but the coloring of a chocolate Doberman. She was such a happy girl!

**Update** 2/16/09 No longer available.

This is Reilly.

**Update** 2/16/09 A rescue took Reilly and he is safe!

Here is Pike. He responded to love but was showing signs of deep submission like he's had to be afraid around other dogs. Sort of cowered. But, when we gave him attention and love, he blossomed.

**Update** 2/27/09 This dog was rescued.

I think they said they got in about 17 puppies the day before we came. There were a passle of Lab mix puppies. This healthy looking sweetheart was just one of them.

This is Dottie. She's a Labrador Retriever/Dachshund mix. She has the little body and short legs with sharp nose of the Doxie but the coloring and eyes of a Lab. She has had puppies recently but they didn't come in with her.

**Update** 2/16/09 Dottie was taken by a rescue organization and is safe!

A pretty Boxer female came in with her puppies.

**Update** 2/19/09 This pretty Boxer was taken by a Boxer rescue organization and is safe!

A sweet little Beagle came in. And he is aaaallllll Beagle! When we brought him out he wanted to sniff around like Beagles do and that tail was straight up in the air with that white tip flying just like it's suppose to. You have to be able to see these little guys in brush and tall grass so the white tipped tail is important! But then he settled down for some treats. Look at his stance! And his face with those melting eyes! He was so soft too!

**Update** 2/19/09 Rescued by a dog rescue organization so he is safe!

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